Cout­ing Frames Boost Brain Cells

Cause your brain sig­nals to speed up and make cal­cu­la­tions faster and with fewer er­rors. Ac­cord­ing to new re­search, ex­er­cise with an old-fash­ioned count­ing frame makes your brain more ef­fi­cient.

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Close your eyes and imag­ine an aba­cus. Then cal­cu­late 243 x 177. The method is well-known in sev­eral Asian na­tions, where many chil­dren prac­tice it at school. In a Chi­nese study from 2017, a group of sci­en­tists re­searched how aba­cus prac­tice af­fects chil­dren's brains and cal­cu­la­tion skills.

The sci­en­tists com­pared 72 chil­dren who had been prac­tic­ing, with 72 kids who had not. The kids who had prac­ticed proved to not only make fewer er­rors – they were also sub­stan­tially faster at pro­duc­ing an­swers than the other chil­dren.

When the sci­en­tists scanned the chil­dren’s brains, they could also see im­por­tant dif­fer­ences. They looked at ar­eas of the oc­cip­i­tal lobe that have to do with nu­mer­acy, and they were able to make out that the trained kids’ brain cells were more ef­fi­cient at com­mu­ni­cat­ing with each other.

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