How Does Milk Be­come Cheese?


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An­swer: Cheese is made of milk that is acid­i­fied and dried, be­fore the cheese ma­tures for a num­ber of weeks, de­pend­ing on the taste. The acid­i­fi­ca­tion is car­ried out by adding lac­tic acid bac­te­ria, which lower the pH value, whereas ren­net en­sures the tex­ture.

Ren­net from calf stom­achs, etc., is added to the acid­i­fied milk, caus­ing the ca­sein pro­tein of the milk to make the liq­uid turn into a jelly-like sub­stance. 1 ACID­I­FIED MILK CUT­TING DE­VICE CHEESE MILK The so­lid­i­fied cheese milk con­tains a wa­tery...

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