Eter­nal In­fla­tion Pro­duces Mul­ti­verses With All Kinds of Laws of Na­ture

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Af­ter the for­ma­tion of our multiverse, the in­fla­tion con­tin­ued in other places, pro­duc­ing mul­ti­verses around us. The in­fla­tion of uni­verses did not only oc­cur, when our multiverse bub­ble ma­te­ri­alised. Ac­cord­ing to some in­fla­tion the­ory vari­ants, the in­fla­tion is an on­go­ing process that can take place any­where in in­fi­nite space. Ev­ery time in­fla­tion stops, a new multiverse bub­ble emerges. All the uni­verses in our bub­ble have the same phys­i­cal laws, as they ma­te­ri­alised at the same time and un­der the same con­di­tions. In other bub­bles, the laws and nat­u­ral constants are dif­fer­ent, as the strength of the field in which the mul­ti­verses were cre­ated varies. So, the uni­verses in other bub­bles could be very dif­fer­ent from ours.

EX­PAN­SION PA R A L L E L M U LT I V E R S E Bub­bles with uni­verses are con­stantly mov­ing away from each other due to the ex­pan­sion of space. O U R M U LT I V E R S E OUR UNI­VERSE NEIGH­BOUR­ING UNI­VERSE E RS E G. IV IN D UNAN E TH XP IS NEW...

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