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1. With its unique an­cient stat­ues and lack of trees, Rapa Nui is bet­ter known to English speak­ers as what?

2. Pit­cairn Is­land was set­tled by mem­bers of the muti­nous crew of which fa­mous English ship?

3. Orig­i­nally mean­ing “move­able per­sonal prop­erty” and re­lated to the word “cap­i­tal­ism”, what word refers to both sexes of the most com­mon do­mes­ti­cated ru­mi­nant?

4. An ur­ban leg­end in­volv­ing the US gov­ern­ment do­ing psy­choac­tive ex­per­i­ments on teenagers in the 1980s, cen­tred around Poly­bius, which was a what?

5. With a three-cham­bered heart, unique el­lip­ti­cal red blood cells, and a dis­tinc­tive long neck, which foul-tem­pered mam­malian group has only seven species, found in Africa, the Mid­dle East, and South Amer­ica?

6. Which is the largest walled city in Europe, and in­spi­ra­tion for a pop­u­lar board game of the same name?

7. A 66 ton chunk of iron in a field in Namibia is ac­tu­ally a re­mark­ably well-pre­served what?

8. Vir­gin Ga­lac­tic’s SpaceShipTwo is cur­rently the only li­censed com­mer­cial air­craft able to fly faster than what?

9. Which high-end sports car maker built an elec­tric hy­brid su­per­car in 2013, with a name that lit­er­ally means “The [Name of Com­pany]”?

10. Which sea crea­ture has a name that means cloak, but refers to the type of blan­ket-shaped trap tra­di­tion­ally used to catch it?

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