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The World Con­ser­va­tion Union (IUCN) es­ti­mates that there are be­tween

A warm­ing world means that sea ice is melt­ing ear­lier and form­ing later ev­ery year. Po­lar bears thus have less time to hunt for food, and fe­male po­lar bears have less time to build up the fat re­serves es­sen­tial for when they

hi­ber­nate and give birth.

This also leads to lower re­pro­duc­tive rates, as un­der­nour­ished bears

have fewer cubs.

On­go­ing ex­plo­ration for oil in the Arc­tic has a num­ber of con­se­quences for po­lar bears, in­clud­ing:

• Habi­tat de­struc­tion • Dis­tur­bance (seis­mic blast­ing, con­struc­tion, boat traf­fic)

• Oil pol­lu­tion (poi­son­ing,

oil spills, etc.)

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