About why we need to stay pos­i­tive about the fu­ture of our oceans

Scuba Diver Australasia - - Cristina Zenato -

You’re fa­mously hope­ful and in­spir­ing.

But in the face of things like the worst El

Niño we have ever faced, car­bon diox­ide in the at­mos­phere hav­ing passed 400ppm some time ago, how do you main­tain your op­ti­mism? Where do you get this reser­voir of hope from?

The great­est rea­son for hope is know­ing what the prob­lems are. As never be­fore, we have in­sight into know­ing that the oceans are in trou­ble and there­fore so are we. Imag­ine if we didn’t know? We would con­tinue do­ing the same stupid things, or things that we did in ig­no­rance that now look stupid in retrospect; no­body re­ally un­der­stood that we could ex­tract 90 per­cent of the tuna, sword­fish, sharks and so on, or that even if we did all th­ese things, it would mat­ter.

Now we can see that what we do to Na­ture, what we do to the ocean, what we do to the sharks and the tuna and the whales, the coral and the kelp forests, the sea­grass mead­ows, we are do­ing to our­selves. This is our home and we re­ally have shown ca­pac­ity to de­stroy. We know how to kill; we have to do a bet­ter job of car­ing.

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