Are the res­i­dents of the di­nosaur theme park about to be­come ex­tinct... again?

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Fol­low­ing the in­domitable suc­cess of

Juras­sic World, the re­booted se­ries is look­ing to take InGen’s least-in­sur­able prod­uct some­where darker for the se­quel. With the pre­vi­ous movie’s di­rec­tor, Colin Trevor­row, oth­er­wise en­gaged on the small mat­ter of Star

Wars: Episode IX (though he’s still on board as writer), the Rap­tor reins have been given to

The Im­pos­si­ble and A Mon­ster Calls di­rec­tor JA Bay­ona. Given that the for­mer movie saw Bay­ona take on an is­land dis­as­ter zone, the lat­ter bold CGI, as well as su­perb child ac­tors, this sounds like we’ll cer­tainly be in good old-fash­ioned “run­ning and scream­ing” ter­ri­tory for some of the time. Bay­ona has also promised that the sec­ond film will have an Em­pire Stikes Back or Wrath Of

Khan vibe to it. Juras­sic Dark, any­one?


Chris Pratt’s Owen and Bryce Dal­las Howard’s Claire are back to head­line the menu. Claire’s con­tro­ver­sial high-heeled footwear is stay­ing in the closet this time, while Owen’s dino-wran­gling skills will no doubt come in handy as they en­gage in a stren­u­ous bit of con­ser­va­tion to pro­tect the re­main­ing at­trac­tions of Isla Nublar. BD Wong will be re­turn­ing as InGen’s ge­nius ge­neti­cist, Dr Henry Wu, who is to sci­en­tific ethics what Trump is to cli­mate change. And now we’ve heard that Jeff Gold­blum will reprise his role as Dr Ian Mal­colm. Be­cause life finds a way.


Ev­ery­one needs a bit of va­ri­ety in their diet, and thank­fully there’s some fresh blood en­ter­ing the Juras­sic food chain, in­clud­ing Toby Jones, Rafe Spall and mas­ter-of-frowns Ted Levine – we’d haz­ard a guess that Levine is play­ing the blunt mil­i­tary brass over­see­ing the “re­tire­ment” of Juras­sic World. Mean­while, the first im­age re­leased from the film sug­gests that the Juras­sic tra­di­tion of en­dan­ger­ing the lives of small chil­dren will be very much alive and kick­ing, un­like most of the hu­mans on Isla Nublar.


John Wil­liams’ clas­sic tune isn’t the only big theme in Trevor­row is also look­ing to ex­plore the tricky world of an­i­mal wel­fare, with the se­quel be­com­ing “a parable of the treat­ment that an­i­mals re­ceive to­day: the abuse; med­i­cal ex­per­i­men­ta­tion; hav­ing wild an­i­mals in zoos like pris­ons; the use the mil­i­tary has made of them; an­i­mals as weapons,” and so on.


Ah, yes. With all these ne­far­i­ous mil­i­tary out­fits look­ing to get into the di­nosaur busi­ness, we reckon that Dr Wu’s hy­brid re­search from the pre­vi­ous movie will fi­nally be get­ting com­bat-ready for a grand third-act reveal. Their first likely mis­sion? Our guess is they’ll try to take out the rem­nants of Juras­sic World, which Owen and Claire saved af­ter the army’s ini­tial ma­noeu­vres.


If you’re not feel­ing sat­is­fied with all the di­nos on dis­play, Trevor­row prom­ises to in­clude even more crea­tures we haven’t seen be­fore. He’s un­der­stand­ably keep­ing Abrams on the sub­ject, but one of the few de­tails he’s let slip is the glo­ri­ous re­turn of Rexy, the fran­chise’s favourite T-Rex. We’d also hold out for a heroic cameo from Blue, the only sur­viv­ing mem­ber of Owen’s orig­i­nal Rap­tor squad, for a tense re-bond­ing ses­sion with her old boss.


Juras­sic World 2 will be open­ing its gates in June 2018 Juras­sic World 2.

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