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danc­ing to ELO, Drax jump­ing into the mouth of a gi­ant space beast for a laugh, Rocket nick­ing some bat­ter­ies from golden aliens just to wind them up... But as the movie went on, I re­alised that once you get past all the char­ac­ters hit­ting all the right fan but­tons – and man, the movie is joy­ful when it hits the mark – there re­ally is noth­ing much there. In fact, as Star-Lord and co were hang­ing around on Ego’s planet, with Kurt Rus­sell ex­plain­ing his grand plan, I caught my­self think­ing: with all that money and three years to think about it, this is all you could come up with? You can sus­tain a sketch show with noth­ing more than jokes, but a movie needs a lit­tle more story than this to tie it all to­gether.

SFX I had a good time with Vol 2. It’s def­i­nitely all about the mo­ment – but when the mo­ments are as fab­u­lous as “I’m Mary Pop­pins, ya’ll!” I can for­give James Gunn any­thing.


Adam Gur­ney, Face­book Re: Exo­bi­ol­ogy [SFX 287]. The Aliens

Role-Play­ing Game had an ac­tual ex­pla­na­tion for the Xenomorphs hav­ing acid for blood. Es­sen­tially they were elec­tric­ity-based life forms, liv­ing off nat­u­rally oc­cur­ring static elec­tric­ity gen­er­ated by air passing over their cara­paces, which their blood stored as a kind of or­ganic bat­tery. They only con­sumed bi­o­log­i­cal mat­ter for growth pur­poses, shed­ding their ex­oskele­tons about 10 times un­til they were fully grown, with Queens go­ing through about 15 shed­dings. It ex­plained why they were able to go dor­mant for ex­tended pe­ri­ods, as they were able to go into a kind of “standby mode”. If you watch the first Alien Vs

Preda­tor film, you will see an al­lu­sion to this when the Queen is awo­ken by be­ing elec­tro­cuted within the heart of the tem­ple. SFX Thanks, Adam. Your let­ter’s even bet­ter when it’s read in a David Attenborough whis­per.


Scott James Face­book So now they’re re­boot­ing Hellboy and promis­ing a darker take with Neil Mar­shall di­rect­ing. I didn’t watch the Hellboy films and think “yeah, they’re good, but more gore and vi­o­lence would make them bet­ter.”

Hellboy al­ways had a sort of whim­si­cal, al­most Broth­ers Grimm fairy tale qual­ity. I un­der­stand re­boots as be­ing an at­tempt to take a prop­erty in a new di­rec­tion when there’s some­thing about the tone or style that needs up­dat­ing or fix­ing. I don’t feel that’s the case with Hellboy. I’d be happy to find out they’re do­ing a fi­nal end to the cur­rent run of

Hellboy films with the cur­rent cast and crew, ’cos there’s nowt wrong with ’em as is.

SFX Yeah, it’s a shame del Toro didn’t get to com­plete his Hellboy tril­ogy. At least we have The Shape Of Wa­ter to look for­ward to, which sounds as though it def­i­nitely has a touch of Abe Sapien about it…


Rob Gra­ham, email Pleas­antly sur­prised by the trailer for The

Orville, the Star Trek spoof that came out of nowhere and is now an­other must-see new show. Fam­ily Guy meets Star Trek? Sold!

To­nia Small, email When did Agents Of SHIELD get so good? Throw­ing ev­ery­body into a gi­ant com­puter sim­u­la­tion and re­nam­ing the show Agents Of HYDRA has been bril­liant. Is it wrong, though, that the show is bet­ter when the char­ac­ters aren’t even in the real world? Hmm...

SFX As the great philoso­pher Fred­die Mer­cury once asked, “Is this the real life? Is this just fan­tasy?” But that’s an ex­is­ten­tial puz­zler for an­other day. See you next month!

Groot’s next trans­for­ma­tion was star­tling.

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