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“He strikes from above – silently and with­out warn­ing!” No, not that bas­tard ur­ban seag­ull evac­u­at­ing its bow­els but clas­sic Spidey vil­lain the Vul­ture, first seen men­ac­ing Man­hat­tan in The Amaz­ing Spi­der-Man 2 in 1963.

Only the sec­ond foe to face the web-slinger, the Vul­ture is elec­tron­ics wiz Adrian Toomes. Em­bez­zled by his busi­ness part­ner, Toomes takes to crime, mak­ing use of an elec­tro­mag­netic har­ness that al­lows him to fly, boosts his strength and aug­ments his life­span.

Cre­ators Stan Lee and Steve Ditko clashed over the Vul­ture’s ap­pear­ance. “Stan be­lieved the most ef­fec­tive vil­lain was the heavy-set one,” Ditko re­called. “So Stan didn’t like my thin, gaunt Vul­ture.”

Lee con­tin­ued to feel un­easy at the sight of Spidey beat­ing up a scrawny old codger. He later in­tro­duced a younger, burlier Vul­ture in the form of Blackie Drago, who in­her­its Toomes’ tech. Read­ers didn’t like him but Drago was the first Vul­ture to hit the screen, ap­pear­ing in four episodes of the ’60s Spi­der-Man car­toon, al­beit re­branded as Vul­ture Man.

Sil­ver Age Spidey fan Sam Raimi wanted to use the Vul­ture in Spi­der-Man 3, with Ben Kings­ley fron­trun­ner for the role. John Malkovich was in line to take on the wings in Spi­der-Man 4 be­fore Raimi left the fran­chise.

We glimpse the Vul­ture’s wings in the Raven­croft In­sti­tute at the end of The Amaz­ing Spi­der-Man 2, a tease for Sony’s un­made Sin­is­ter Six movie, which would have teamed the web-slinger’s clas­sic foes.

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