Un­cover a dif­fer­ent kind of tomb raid­ing with the gory morals of Vampyr

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Vic­to­rian Lon­don is full of shad­ows. Some of them, like Dr Jonathan Reid, are ex­cep­tion­ally hun­gry. Blood must be spilled but at what cost? If you’ve ever won­dered what’s it’s like to have a se­ri­ous case of An­gel-itis and feel guilty about be­ing a blood­sucker, boy, does Vampyr have the brood­ing black coats and moral de­ci­sions for you. Ex­plor­ing a beau­ti­fully grim 1918 Lon­don that’s si­mul­ta­ne­ously be­ing rav­aged by flu and su­per­nat­u­ral forces, you must choose whether to give in to Reid’s vam­piric urges or to help the peo­ple like a true doc­tor would.

While choices and di­a­logue op­tions abound, this isn’t just a Tell­tale-style nar­ra­tive ad­ven­ture – vam­pires and their hun­ters must be fought in the streets and sew­ers, and Lon­don re­quires you to ex­plore ev­ery inch of its grimy world. Vampyr is a bold ac­tion RPG that con­stantly plays with your de­sire for power. New abil­i­ties un­lock with ex­pe­ri­ence points and while you can get that from com­plet­ing mis­sions and help­ing peo­ple, you’d get a lot more from drain­ing them like a Capri Sun pouch. And the bet­ter your re­la­tion­ship, the more XP you’ll get, so you’ll look them in the eye and talk to them be­fore they sub­mit to your fanged “em­brace”. “We want to chal­lenge the moral­ity of play­ers,” says Florent Guil­laume, lead level de­signer. “And there are al­ways con­se­quences. I kill a mer­chant, I loot his stuff. I kill a quest keeper, I lose his quest. There’s al­ways a con­se­quence, but we want the player to ques­tion their own moral­ity.”

There are mul­ti­ple dif­fer­ent types of blood­suck­ing fiend and the game joy­ously plays with gory tropes. It’s a good thing your abil­i­ties include per­sua­sion be­cause, for all his power, Jonathan needs to be in­vited across each thresh­old. With ev­ery de­ci­sion hav­ing po­ten­tially dire con­se­quences for you giv­ing in to your lust for O-neg­a­tive, Vampyr is a bloody soup of moral choices.

Vampyr is re­leased on PC, PS4 and Xbox One in Novem­ber.

Hope­fully this won’t be a vam­pire game that sucks.

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