“she’s Not scared of him”

deb­o­rah ann woll Karen Page is

SFX - - The punisher -

so you’ve got a dif­fer­ent lead­ing man. what as­pects of karen does frank bring out that matt didn’t?

Well, you know, Matt has this re­ally stingy thing about not killing peo­ple, which Karen has al­ready made a mess of in her life! I think there’s some­thing about Frank where she doesn’t have to be ashamed of her dark­est, deep­est side of her­self. She gets to be more hon­est with him, more open. One of my favourite things about the re­la­tion­ship with Karen and Frank is that she chal­lenges him. She’s not scared of him, the way ev­ery­one else is.

is this show more vi­o­lent than Dare­devil?

I don’t know. We did some pretty vi­o­lent stuff on Dare­devil! It wouldn’t be the Punisher with­out some hor­ri­ble mu­ti­lat­ing of ter­ri­ble, bad peo­ple. But I also think that we have a whole sea­son this time to re­ally fo­cus just on his jour­ney. Last year we were shar­ing it with the Elek­tra plot and he was in prison half of the time.

do you get stopped and recog­nised more for True Blood or Dare­devil?

More for True Blood but that’s prob­a­bly be­cause I was a red­head, and I think that stood out a lit­tle more. I barely ever get stopped for Karen. I re­mem­ber I went to Comic-Con years ago, and I was dressed as Hit-Girl, so all you could see was my chin, and I got stopped within the first five min­utes. I couldn’t be­lieve it! I sort of have a dis­tinc­tive mole, maybe that was it…

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