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The first sea­son of Tell­tale’s Bat­man was mixed, but did es­tab­lish one of the most strik­ingly dif­fer­ent takes on the hero we’ve seen. Sea­son two opener “The Enigma” builds on that foun­da­tion, ush­er­ing in a se­quel that looks set to sur­pass its pre­de­ces­sor.

In the af­ter­math of the Chil­dren of Arkham, it seems Bat­man’s let the ge­nie out of the bot­tle. Sleazy Mafiosos are out, cos­tumed weirdos are in. En­ter the Rid­dler, re­turn­ing proto-Joker John Doe and a ruth­less su­pervil­lain-hunt­ing gov­ern­ment agency. Don’t fear if you missed the first sea­son – thanks to an open­ing recap and mostly clean-slate story, it’s easy to get up to speed.

Things kick off in the form of a Saw-es­que crime thriller, with the Rid­dler trap­ping peo­ple in grue­some tor­ture de­vices un­til they solve his co­nun­drums, and Bat­man rac­ing against the clock to stop him. The script feels tighter and more ex­cit­ing than any sea­son one episode, and strikes a sat­is­fy­ing bal­ance be­tween the gritty re­al­ism of Christo­pher Nolan’s film uni­verse, and the more out­landish world of the comics.

It’s a re­as­sur­ingly strong start, sug­gest­ing Tell­tale’s learned from its mis­takes. If the next four episodes can keep up the pace and qual­ity, this could be one of the stu­dio’s best sea­sons yet. Robin Valen­tine

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