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Best episode

“The Dragon And The Wolf” (7.07) – no big bat­tles but loads of in­trigue, plot­ting, twists and the Wall be­ing trashed.

Best death

olenna, Queen of Thorns, goes out in style in 7.03 – with no blood (shocker) and off-screen, but with one fi­nal barb for Cer­sei.

Best twist

Sansa’s won­der­ful piece of the­atre in 7.07: “You stand ac­cused of mur­der. You stand ac­cused of trea­son. How do you an­swer th­ese charges… Lord Bael­ish?”

scene change of the sea­son

The tran­si­tion from Sam ick­ily op­er­at­ing on Ser Jo­rah’s greyscale to a yokel eat­ing some slop in a tavern in 7.02.

Bat­tle of the sea­son

The Lan­nis­ter army ver­sus drag­on­fire in 7.04 – it’s gen­uinely hor­ri­fy­ing, and evokes com­par­isons with Hiroshima and Na­gasaki.

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