Scream! and Misty are back from the grave to haunt newsagent shelves this Hal­loween

SFX - - Red Alert -

As a child­hood Scream! fa­natic, Keith Richard­son was al­ways go­ing to turn to the short-lived ’80s hor­ror weekly when it came to pro­duc­ing new ma­te­rial from the IPC ar­chive that Re­bel­lion ac­quired last year. Bol­stered by the sim­i­larly themed girls’ ti­tle, the Scream! & Misty spe­cial will ar­rive in time for Hal­loween. But Richard­son in­sists that it isn’t cater­ing for any spe­cific age group or gen­der.

“This is loosely aimed at 12-15-year-olds, but we haven’t skewed it more to­wards one sex or set out to alien­ate older fans,” he says. “This comic is for peo­ple who like fun, hor­ror-tinged sto­ries with spec­tac­u­lar vi­su­als.”

Also draw­ing on 1970’s Thun­der, it fea­tures con­tri­bu­tions from new and older tal­ents. “If you ask any fan of the old Scream! what their favourite strip was, the ma­jor­ity would say ‘The Thir­teenth Floor’,” sug­gests Richard­son, who has teamed up Guy Adams, Fraser Irv­ing and John Stokes on a tale of the malev­o­lent tower block com­puter, later an Ea­gle main­stay.

“Grainne McEn­tee and Tris­tan Jones are do­ing ‘The Drac­ula File’,” he con­tin­ues. “Han­nah Berry and Ben Will­sher are do­ing ‘Re­turn of the Sen­tinels’ from Misty, which is still ter­ri­fy­ing and ripe for a re­visit, es­pe­cially in our cur­rent po­lit­i­cal cli­mate.”

Kek-W and Si­mon Coleby are col­lab­o­rat­ing on Thun­der’s “Black Max”; Alec Wor­ley and DaNi are paired on “The Fate of the Fairy Hunter”, and Henry Flint is on “DeathMan: The Gath­er­ing”.

“Henry’s strip is a stab at cre­at­ing a new, shared uni­verse of heroes, vil­lains, freaks and odd­i­ties,” teases Richard­son. “Who is in there? You’ll have to buy the comic to find out!”

The Scream! & Misty Spe­cial will be pub­lished by Re­bel­lion on 18 Oc­to­ber.

Scream! and Misty are back in blood.

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