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Cre­ated by in­sanely pro­lific comic book writer Gard­ner Fox, the Jus­tice League of Amer­ica de­buted in Brave And The Bold #28 in 1960, trounc­ing the multi-suck­ered men­ace of a gi­ant alien starfish named Starro.

The League was a Sil­ver Age spin on ’40s team the Jus­tice So­ci­ety of Amer­ica, who were ret­conned to ex­ist on a par­al­lel Earth. The name was tweaked to re­flect the early ’60s boom in base­ball’s Na­tional League.

Found­ing mem­bers in­cluded Bat­man, Won­der Woman, Su­per­man, Aqua­man, the Flash, Green Lantern and the Mar­tian Man­hunter. Oh, and a fin­ger-clickin’ hip­ster-teen side­kick named Snap­per Carr…

The team scored phe­nom­e­nal sales. Ri­val pub­lisher Martin Good­man or­dered Stan Lee to cre­ate a su­per­hero squad of his own – he did, and called it the Fan­tas­tic Four. So the Jus­tice League are re­spon­si­ble for the en­tire Marvel Uni­verse.

The orig­i­nal League has been end­lessly fran­chised over the years: Jus­tice League In­ter­na­tional, Jus­tice League Europe, Jus­tice League of China, Jus­tice League Task Force, Jus­tice League Elite, Jus­tice League United and crack oc­cultists Jus­tice League Dark. Jus­tice League Bas­ingstoke is still up for grabs.

A cat­a­clysmic clash of coun­ter­parts oc­curred in 2003 cross­over JLA/Avengers. Cheek­ily, the Avengers had al­ready fought the Squadron Supreme, Marvel’s riff on the League that sub­sti­tuted Hype­r­ion for Su­per­man, Nighthawk for Bat­man and Power Princess for Won­der Woman. Nick setch­field

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