The Force is strong with Sabine Wren. And we can prove it with words.

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The good thing about Man­dalo­rian ar­mour is that you have to work hard to look any­thing but cool wear­ing it. The flip­side is that as soon as you take off the hel­met, chances are you’ll strug­gle to live up to the hype – just ask Jango Fett. Star Wars Rebels’ Sabine Wren works both sides of the equa­tion, how­ever. In fact, she’s the show’s stand­out char­ac­ter.

In ar­mour, she’s ev­ery bit the Mando war­rior Star Wars mythol­ogy teased when we were kids. This Im­pe­rial Academy es­capee is a skilled tac­ti­cian, mu­ni­tions ex­pert and tire­less fighter who rel­ishes be­ing good at her job, and en­joys the cool tech that’s part of it.

But the Rebel un­der­neath is much more in­ter­est­ing. “I feel in the end [Sabine’s] ev­ery bit as im­por­tant as Ezra as far as be­ing a lead on this show,” Rebels co-cre­ator Dave Filoni told SFX last is­sue, and he’s got a point.

While wannabe Jedi (and pro­fes­sional whiner) Ezra Bridger strug­gles with Dark Side demons and a more typ­i­cal Star Wars hero’s jour­ney, Sabine’s had to evolve with­out the Force. In the show’s early days you felt like she’d been cre­ated as a clichéd ef­fort to em­pha­sise the “Rebel” in Re­bel­lion – the mul­ti­coloured hair, the pen­chant for graf­fiti – but she’s grown into a key mem­ber of the Ghost crew, to the point where she’s wield­ing the myth­i­cal dark­saber and be­ing touted as the po­ten­tial leader of the Man­dalo­rian race.

We know that Hera, Chop­per and the Ghost will sur­vive long enough to fea­ture in Rogue One, but Sabine’s des­tiny is still un­cer­tain as we head into the show’s fi­nal sea­son. What­ever her fate she’ll live on via cos­play, but we’d be just as in­ter­ested in see­ing her spin-off movie as Obi-Wan’s. Richard Ed­wards

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