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What’s in store for the four young heroes in sea­son two?

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Did the suc­cess of sea­son one take you by sur­prise?

NOAH SCHNAPP (Will) When we were film­ing the first sea­son, we all kind of ex­pected it to go nowhere. It would just be a one-sea­son thing and we wouldn’t ever meet each other again. GATEN MATARAZZO (Dustin) Once it came out, there wasn’t even that much ad­ver­tis­ing – I only saw one bill­board in LA, so I was very sur­prised by how quickly it took off. CALEB McLAUGH­LIN (Lu­cas) I knew it was spe­cial. I just didn’t know it would af­fect view­ers the way it did.

Did you feel pres­sure com­ing into sea­son two?

McLAUGH­LIN yes, es­pe­cially when we were film­ing, but now I try not to worry about it too much. I can’t do any­thing about it now!

SCHNAPP there was more se­cu­rity with ev­ery­thing. And there’s more pres­sure on the Duf­fers, be­cause usu­ally the sec­ond one is never as good as the first.

MATARAZZO I felt bad for the Duf­fer broth­ers be­cause they re­ally were stress­ing out, you could see it. they def­i­nitely did a good job with the sec­ond sea­son – I’m very proud of them, be­cause I feel like it’s bet­ter than the first.

How does this sea­son com­pare with the first?

FINN WOLFHARD (Mike) It has the ex­act same charm. It’s more hor­ro­ror­i­ented, but the tone is not dif­fer­ent. CALEB this sea­son is darker than the first. SCHNAPP I’d say there’s def­i­nitely more scenes that are scarier. MATARAZZO What I like about the sec­ond sea­son is not the fact that it’s scarier. It’s the fact that we get to learn a lot more about each char­ac­ter and their per­sonal life. And last sea­son, we had the kids, the teenagers, and the adults, and they all had their parts to play. But this sea­son it’s a lit­tle more com­bined and we get to see more char­ac­ters in­ter­act with each other.

There’s a new girl, Max, join­ing the group this year. How does that af­fect the gang dy­namic?

WOLFHARD Max moves from San Diego. the oth­ers in the group are very in­ter­ested: “Oh, she’s from Cal­i­for­nia? What’s she like?” I’m not happy they’re in­ter­ested in her be­cause, num­ber one, I don’t like out­siders in the group. two, I’m en­vi­ous be­cause they like Max.

MATARAZZO She’s a re­ally cool char­ac­ter. She’s kind of an out­cast, not very so­cia­ble, keeps to her­self and is kind of a tomboy. Dustin and Lu­cas kind of have a crush on her. Dustin’s try­ing to get her in the group, try­ing to get spir­its back up with ev­ery­thing that’s been hap­pen­ing.

How’s Eleven’s dis­ap­pear­ance af­fect­ing the boys?

WOLFHARD Mike starts off this sea­son be­ing… Just sort of sad and not as leader-ori­ented. that’s more be­cause eleven’s not there, and he has no one re­ally to mo­ti­vate him and love him. He has his friends and he doesn’t re­alise that they al­ready love him. He’s just caught up fo­cus­ing on eleven.

MATARAZZO I feel like Dustin def­i­nitely cares about eleven and def­i­nitely misses her. But it’s eas­ier for him to cope than it is for Mike, who had a re­ally strong bond. I feel Dustin is strug­gling more with help­ing Will, who’s not do­ing well, fig­ure ev­ery­thing out.

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