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How would you de­scribe rose?

she is smart, brave and loyal, some­one who knows she comes from a hum­ble be­gin­ning – she’s not a princess, she’s not a su­per­hero. she’s in the Re­sis­tance, and she is aware of things that are hap­pen­ing, but she’s al­ways been some­one who’s worked be­hind pipes, fix­ing things. she’s never been some­one who’s been at the fore­front of the ac­tion, but in this movie she gets pulled into it.

Her older sis­ter Paige is a re­sis­tance gun­ner. is rose jeal­ous tHat sHe doesn’t see tHe ac­tion?

It’s more ad­mi­ra­tion. I think there’s al­ways that need to want to be as cool as your older sis­ter, so of course she looks up to her. But I don’t think that there’s jeal­ousy in terms of want­ing to be at the fore­front. Rose is re­ally good at what she does, and it might not be as glo­ri­ous a job, but I think she sym­bol­ises that there are al­ways so many back­ground play­ers in any rev­o­lu­tion, and with­out those peo­ple you can’t have those peo­ple at the fore­front. If their ships aren’t work­ing, they can’t be fight­ing the first or­der.

rose sPends a lot of tHe movie witH finn. wHat’s Her re­la­tion­sHiP witH Him like?

when Rose first meets finn, finn is al­ready a hero of the Rre­sis­tance, so she’s heard about all his ad­ven­tures from The Force Awak­ens, and when she first meets him she’s kind of a fan­girl about it. But as the film goes on you get to see what it means to meet a hero, and ac­tu­ally re­alise who they are. their re­la­tion­ship sort of morphs through­out the movie that way.

tHe film Hasn’t come out yet but you’ve al­ready been im­mor­talised as an ac­tion fig­ure. How do you get your Head around tHe fact mil­lions of Peo­Ple are about to recog­nise you?

I try not to think about it, be­cause it’s so over­whelm­ing [laughs]! there was def­i­nitely this part of me think­ing about how do I deal with this life change, and then I started to re­alise that I am just go­ing to go on in my life the way that I have been, and just take ev­ery­thing day to day. I’ll let you know how it goes. I’m still try­ing to fig­ure it out!

Richard Ed­wards

Rose and Finn were less than im­pressed with the Porg mat­ing rit­ual.

With Rey on Ahch-To, Rose be­comes Finn’s new part­ner.

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