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The Last Jedi picks up ex­actly where The Force Awak­ens left off, with Rey and Luke on ahch-to. other res­i­dents of ahch-to in­clude the puf­fin-like Porgs, and the care­tak­ers – a race of fe­male nun-like crea­tures who “tol­er­ate” luke’s pres­ence. other plan­ets con­firmed to ap­pear in the movie are the new worlds of Can­ton­ica and Crait. can­ton­ica is home to canto bight, a las ve­gas-ish casino city that writer/di­rec­tor rian john­son de­scribes as “a play­ground for rich ass­holes”. Crait is a re­mote, un­in­hab­ited (aside from crys­talline fox-like crea­tures) world that was home to a Rebel out­post dur­ing the time of the em­pire. In The Last Jedi, the Re­sis­tance will have a base there. (It’s the world with the red dust you’ve seen in the trail­ers, where the Re­sis­tance will face off against the first or­der’s at-ats and their big­ger, go­rilla like cousins the at-m6s.) rian john­son says of the scenes be­tween rey and luke, “there’s a train­ing el­e­ment to it, but not ex­actly what you’d ex­pect.” (this seems to tally with luke’s com­ments in the new trailer about be­ing scared of some­one’s power – but is he talk­ing about rey or kylo ren?) finn, crit­i­cally in­jured in The Force Awak­ens, starts the movie in a heal­ing bacta suit. Poe dameron has a new souped up X-wing fighter with an ex­tra booster. there’s a scene where Leia slaps Poe. we’ll see supreme leader snoke in the flesh, pre­sum­ably com­plet­ing kylo ren’s train­ing. (He sees Han and leia’s lad as the per­fect bal­ance be­tween light and dark sides of the force.) snoke’s pro­tected by an elite team of Prae­to­rian Guards. john­son says “we’ll learn ex­actly as much about snoke as we need to,” point­ing out that, “we didn’t know any­thing about the em­peror ex­cept what luke knew about him.”

Cap­tain Phasma will re­turn with a much more sig­nif­i­cant role, hav­ing es­caped starkiller Base – since we last saw her, she’s wit­nessed Kylo Ren’s duel with Rey, and hunted down an Im­pe­rial of­fi­cer who knows she aided han solo, finn and Chew­bacca on starkiller Base. It’s also been con­firmed that, un­der the hel­met, she’s a hu­man fe­male. ma­jor new char­ac­ters in­clude re­sis­tance tech­ni­cian rose tico (kelly marie tran – see op­po­site), and pur­ple-haired re­sis­tance big­wig vice-ad­mi­ral am­i­lyn Holdo (laura dern). the third sig­nif­i­cant new­bie is Beni­cio Del toro’s DJ, a morally flex­i­ble char­ac­ter of no ob­vi­ous al­le­giance who helps finn and Rose dur­ing their mis­sion to Canto Bight. he’s a “slicer” (com­puter hacker) who finn ac­tor John Boyega de­scribes as the “best code­breaker in the galaxy”. there’s a new, black-liv­er­ied bb droid known as bb-9e – the anti-bb-8. Richard Ed­wards

Sure, pick a fight with Phasma. What could go wrong?

Kylo Ren was feel­ing in­tense hel­met envy.

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