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Con­sider this the warp core re­ac­tor of the mag. Be­cause it’s where you re­act.

Mark Lis­saman, Face­book Let’s be hon­est – if Gene Rod­den­berry came up with the no­tion of Star Trek in 2017 this is how it would look. Why would they make a new show in 2017 and try and make it look like it was made in the ’60s?

Adrian Cran­well-Child, Face­book Why does it have to be “tra­di­tional Trek”? As long as it holds true to the ethos and dream that Gene had back in the ’60s then that’s all that counts. Dis­cov­ery is a mod­ern show (not just in pro­duc­tion stan­dards) so it has to re­flect the time it was made – which is cer­tainly what TOS and TNG did.

Sean Pa­trick O’Mal­ley, Face­book The whole fun­gus thing is ridicu­lous! SFX Tak­ing a trip on mush­rooms? Pre­pos­ter­ous.

John Rutherford, Face­book Set­ting up the Klin­gons in this way was ter­rific. They are the Big Bad once more. I dont un­der­stand the crit­i­cism over the “new look”. I dont see it as “new” at all. I read that what we were shown was a re­li­gious sect of Klin­gons we just haven’t seen be­fore. There are dif­fer­ent “types” of Earth­lings af­ter all.

Rob Perry, Face­book I don’t have a prob­lem with the new look Klin­gons. It’s sim­ply a de­sign up­date that is nowhere near as rad­i­cal as the last up­date in The Mo­tion Pic­ture com­pared to their look in the ’60s.

Mark Shaw, Face­book Didn’t the Klin­gons look like they’d stepped out of an episode of the sec­ond se­ries of Black­ad­der? Their cos­tumes looked very El­iz­a­bethan. I kept ex­pect­ing Ed­mund to pop up!

Paul Eather­ton, Face­book The Klin­gons sound like they’re wear­ing re­ally bad den­tures…

An­thony J Lom­bardi Jr, Face­book The be­hav­iour of the char­ac­ters was just wrong for Star Trek. Burn­ham never would have risen to the level she was at be­hav­ing that way. Starfleet is a mil­i­tary or­gan­i­sa­tion. Where was that mil­i­tary dis­ci­pline and re­spect?

David Latham, Face­book They spent too much money. It lacks the “in­ti­macy” of the clas­sic Trek. Re­mem­ber, 1960s Star Trek, pro­duced by Lu­cille Ball, was a low-bud­get show. Many of its iconic ef­fects cost pen­nies to cre­ate.

Dis­cov­ery’s not a ter­ri­ble show. It’s just your av­er­age flashy, big bud­get sci-fi ex­trav­a­ganza.

Michael Gar­ner, Face­book It’s con­fus­ing. It’s a great show, def­i­nitely a Star Trek show, but I don’t un­der­stand them say­ing it’s the same uni­verse as the oth­ers. So far the ships have looked to be so much more ad­vanced. They had a robot pi­lot­ing and laser jail. I just think it should have noth­ing to do with any of the other shows.

David Yates, Face­book I have no prob­lem with the more ad­vanced look of the show. It is made in 2017, not 1967! To make it look “dated” would have been a con­ceit that would have pa­tro­n­ised the au­di­ence. Some­times we have to sus­pend our dis­be­lief and re­mem­ber that it is a TV show and not a his­tor­i­cal doc­u­men­tary.

Tyler Staud, Face­book The canon needed a re­fresh. Ev­ery­thing needs to be bumped up a few gen­er­a­tions in terms of tech. Oth­er­wise the show fails to cap­ture a new au­di­ence and plum­mets into the ground again. Un­for­tu­nate... but a small sac­ri­fice.

Melissa Mole­naar, Face­book I can look past the triv­ial is­sues of aes­thetic and see a story about a young woman who made a de­ci­sion she thought was right that had ter­ri­ble con­se­quences.

Julio John­son, Face­book It was like watch­ing the best parts of all the other shows threaded to­gether into the best fan ser­vice. I loved it.

Si­mon Carus, Face­book It’s like the writ­ers haven’t watched a episode of Star Trek in their lives.

Llama God, email The only thing that stops Dis­cov­ery from re­ally be­ing clas­sic Trek is the way that it treats women. Which is to say, it treats them well.

Medium Atomic Weight, email In the words of the im­mor­tal Chan­cel­lor Gorkon, “You have not ex­pe­ri­enced Star Trek Dis­cov­ery un­til you have watched it in the orig­i­nal Klin­gon.” ma­jQa’ Net­flix! SFX Are you sure you weren’t ac­tu­ally watch­ing Pobol Y Cwm?

Dis­cov­ery lacks the in­ti­macy of ’60s Trek and its low­bud­get ef­fects

The new Klin­gons are en­raged that so many peo­ple don’t like them!

We’re all big fans of Sher­iff Jody Mills and her bloody nose.

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