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Get­ting to grips with cro­chet­ing wire.

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With most wires, you can start with a slip­knot as usual – po­si­tion it at least 2in from the end of the wire, to give you some ex­cess wire for adding the fas­ten­ings. With a thicker wire, you might need a dif­fer­ent start­ing method, such as mak­ing a loop around the hook and then twist­ing the two ends of wire to­gether a cou­ple of times.

Now you can start mak­ing chains. Un­like yarn, wire is very firm and has its own ten­sion, so you’ll strug­gle to wrap the wire around the fin­gers of your non-hook hand. It’s eas­ier just to use your left hand to keep a gen­tle ten­sion on the wire, while your right hand holds the hook and the chain length you’re mak­ing. To do this, make your slip­knot and then work as fol­lows:

Step 1 Move the hook so that the wire wraps around it, just as you would with yarn. Try to keep the new loop of wire close to the work­ing loop.

Step 2 Pull the wire through the work­ing loop, then pull the new work­ing loop so it sits next to the chain you just made.

Step 3 Use the fin­gers of your left hand to press the chain you just made so it lies flat with the pre­vi­ous chain loop.

Step 4 You’ll see how this press­ing ac­tion also forms a bend in the wire that ‘sets’ the loop around the hook, which means it will stay put while you work the next chain loop.

Sim­ply re­peat Steps 1- 4 to make more chains. Re­mem­ber you’re aim­ing to make even, rounded chains so keep prac­tis­ing un­til your ac­tion is fairly con­sis­tent – you don’t need to be per­fect though!

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