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Smart Dig­i­tal Aus­tralia Pty Ltd has been ap­pointed the ex­clu­sive Aus­tralian distrib­u­tor for Mo­comtech Co Ltd of Seoul South Korea. Mo­com man­u­fac­tures su­per bright pro­jec­tion screens with am­bi­ent light re­jec­tion tech­nol­ogy, achiev­ing an 18x gain — so bright, in­deed, that the screen is suited to highly-lit ar­eas in schools, trade shows, bars and restau­rants, even shop­ping cen­tres and re­tail en­vi­ron­ments.

But Smart Dig­i­tal says they can also be eƒec­tive in homes where darker con­di­tions can’t be achieved.

“Now home the­atre can be screened with the lights on!”, says Smart Dig­i­tal, claim­ing the re­sults are “twice the bright­ness of TV screens”, though pre­sum­ably that re­sult will be pro­jec­tor-de­pen­dent. Mo­com screens also in­cor­po­rate spe­cial­ly­de­signed and op­ti­cally-pre­cise pre­cise lens-like cur­va­ture that vir­tu­ally elim­i­nates hot spot­ting, while diƒus­ing am­bi­ent lights. This cur­va­ture is achieved us­ing a mas­sive pre­ci­sion lens tool nearly a foot thick and weigh­ing 10 tons; milled from a sin­gle me­tal in­got, the com­pany says this took sev­eral years to com­plete.

Mo­com’s Sol­stice screen (pic­tured) is a rigid fixed de­sign rang­ing in size from 80 inches to 240 inches, claimed as the largest sin­gle-screen op­ti­cal so­lu­tion in the world. More in­for­ma­tion from Smart Dig­i­tal Aus­tralia:­dig­i­

Day­light pro­jec­tion? Mo­com’s high-gain screens (Sol­stice pic­tured) may make it fea­si­ble.

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