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We first heard from Mark Thom­sen in mid-2016, when his new speaker com­pany M8au­dio was un­der early de­vel­op­ment, and we in­vited him to con­tact us again when the com­pany was launch­ing to the gen­eral pub­lic. Which it now is do­ing — based out of Air­lie Beach, Queens­land, and de­but­ing with three mod­els named the Sweet Maxwell, the Rocket 5.1 Su­perRes­o­lu­tion, and The Sub OneTen. You can read full de­tails on these speak­ers via the M8au­dio web­site, and to learn more about the com­pany’s phi­los­o­phy we threw him a few ques­tions...

SOUND+IM­AGE: So what dif­fer­en­ti­ates M8au­dio in what is, af­ter all, a crowded loud­speaker mar­ket?

MARK THOM­SEN: Well there are usu­ally heavy trade-offs be­tween sound, price and aes­thet­ics. Do you want a great sound­ing speaker, or do you want a speaker that looks good and is easy to place and live with? I be­lieve M8au­dio can de­liver all of this with­out com­pro­mise, and that’s pretty rare isn’t it?

Of course it’s ul­ti­mately up to the cus­tomers to de­cide what great sound is, and what they are will­ing to pay for it. We have a 30-day in-home au­di­tion with free ship­ping both ways, so they can give it a try.

S+I: What does it take to start a new speaker brand to­day?

MT: First and fore­most pas­sion and ded­i­ca­tion! Sec­ondly I would have to say courage. No ground­break­ing achieve­ments have ever been made by do­ing “busi­ness as usual”. It’s nec­es­sary to dare to be dif­fer­ent.

S+I: Your site makes much of us­ing sub­woofers for mu­sic. Is this a key be­lief for M8au­dio?

MT: I feel that sub­woofers are of­ten stig­ma­tised un­fairly. A very good sub­woofer that is care­fully in­te­grated can do ab­so­lute won­ders for mu­sic. Who doesn’t love great bass? Even with small speak­ers you don’t have to miss out. In fact you have a lot more flex­i­bil­ity in place­ment and tweak­ing the sound so that it works in your home. That be­ing said I love big speak­ers too... I have a his­tory of own­ing some gi­gan­tic speak­ers. We have two full-range floor­stand­ing speak­ers in the works that will be­come part of the Maxwell se­ries.

S+I: We un­der­stand you are Dan­ish... What is it with Danes and loud­speak­ers?

MT: Well Den­mark is a very small coun­try with an in­dus­try driven by tech­nol­ogy. Lots of speak­ers are man­u­fac­tured world­wide, but most of the key tech­nol­ogy was and still is de­vel­oped in Den­mark. Fo­cus that in a very small pop­u­la­tion and it rubs off on ev­ery­body. In Den­mark we just love speak­ers!

S+I: How do you see M8au­dio de­vel­op­ing?

MT: Oh… I have so many ideas for ex­cit­ing prod­ucts in­volv­ing robotic man­u­fac­tur­ing, high vol­ume 3D print­ing and things like that. That would have to be in the ul­tra-high-end cat­e­gory, be­cause when you do some­thing new it’s usu­ally more ex­pen­sive. Then trick­le­down tech­nol­ogy and in­creased vol­ume will al­low us to in­tro­duce the M8au­dio DNA into more con­ven­tional speak­ers.

Although I don’t re­ally see M8au­dio as a huge brand in the fu­ture — mostly be­cause then ev­ery­thing be­comes driven by share­hold­ers and big busi­ness in­ter­ests. It needs to be fun, and we need ev­ery­one on board to be driven by pas­sion. That’s what makes a truly great prod­uct!

Sweet Maxwell Rocket 5.1 Su­perRes­o­lu­tion Sub OneTen

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