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Ai­den watches his ‘dirty 30’ get­ting as­sem­bled and ready for the en­gine dyno

IN CASE you missed the memo, I’ve been build­ing a VL Commodore to take on this year’s Street Ma­chine Drag Chal­lenge. The aim is to run low 10s (pos­si­bly high nines) re­li­ably, with the good old Nis­san dirty 30 boosted by a Tur­bo­net­ics 64/65 bil­letwheel turbo. We’ll be run­ning a Hal­tech Elite ECU, which will con­trol the flex fuel sys­tem as well as the ICE Ig­ni­tion coil-pack set-up. We’re also us­ing a full suite of good­ies from Tur­bosmart, in­clud­ing a Race Port blow-off valve (yes, a VL with a blow-off valve – crazy, I know) and a Hyper­gate ex­ter­nal waste­gate.

Last time we checked in with my RB30 build at Pow­er­house En­gines we were ma­chin­ing the block ready to re­ceive its new forged Spool rods and pis­tons. We started with a line-hone, then decked the block, gave it a bore and torque-plate hone, and then bal­anced the bot­tom-end ro­tat­ing assem­bly. We also gave the sin­gle-over­head-cam cylin­der head a port and pol­ish for im­proved air flow.

All that was left to do was put it all back to­gether, which is what we’re do­ing this is­sue. Here you’ll see the steps taken to go from a bare block and a box of parts to a fully as­sem­bled en­gine.

The next step will be to get this thing on the en­gine dyno to see how much grunt we can squeeze out of the lit­tle RB30 be­fore it goes into the car. We’ll have it set up ex­actly as it will be in the VL, with our Plaz­ma­man in­ter­cooler all plumbed up, and we’ll be turn­ing the wick up to around 30psi. The orig­i­nal power fig­ure I had in mind for this thing was 600hp, so we’ll see if we achieve that – or go com­pletely over­board, much like ev­ery­thing else with this build has!

Here’s the close-to-com­plete en­gine kit­ted out with in­take and ex­haust man­i­folds – and the killer Tur­bo­net­ics 64/65 turbo! All that’s left to do is fit a few ac­ces­sories, the tim­ing gear, pul­leys and belts

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