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How to buy a good ex­am­ple of Ford Aus­tralia’s gi­ant-killing turbo-six Fal­con

WE LIKE to think of our­selves as a V8 tribe here in Aus­tralia. And that’s true to an ex­tent; we do love the bass boom of a big-inch bent-eight and the sort of hand-of-god thrust that comes with it. But as some­body once said (and I don’t think it was Adolf Hitler) if we for­get where we came from, we may never get to where we’re go­ing. Or some­thing. Point is, when you get down to the Adam and Eve stuff, it was six pots in a row that got the whole Aussie mus­cle car thing started way back when.

The Holden EH S4 is gen­er­ally cred­ited with be­ing the first fac­tory Bathurst spe­cial. Peter Brock won his first Bathurst in a To­rana GTR XU-1. The VL Commodore Turbo rewrote the book on post-ulp per­for­mance when it launched in 1986. Six-bangers, all of them. And then there’s the big daddy of all Aussie sixes, the Fal­con XR6 Turbo.

So while we’re mak­ing grand state­ments, chew on this one: The tur­bocharged Barra six stands as the best lo­cally de­vel­oped and built en­gine. Ever. Okay, it depends on who you talk to and which side of the whole Ford-holden fence you dan­gle your legs over, but the fact is, the boosted Barra was world-class when it was new and not much has changed in the past 15 years.

The other clever piece of work was fit­ting the turbo donk to what was ba­si­cally a fam­ily-spec Fal­con and call­ing it an XR6 Turbo. Mar­ket­ing ge­nius, and a god­send to all of those who wanted a fast four-door but didn’t need the full-swank in­te­rior, the loony bodykit or the FPV badge. Throw in the 17-inch al­loys and some jazzy cloth seat-in­serts and you had your­self one hell of a thing back in 2002.


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