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WE’VE been get­ting some great feed­back on our new project car buyer’s guide sec­tion, Wheel­ing & Deal­ing, and our run­down on the Holden Monaro CV8 in the July mag sparked a fair bit of dis­cus­sion on our Face­book page. What do you think – is the Monaro CV8 a fu­ture clas­sic?

Frankie Wren – In price? Yes. In spirit? No. Ul­ti­mately it is lit­er­ally just a two-door Commodore. You could make one by cut­ting and weld­ing a sedan and get­ting it en­gi­neered. When a V8 sedan can be had for $2K and a Monaro is more like $15K, it’s al­ready cheaper to make one.

Glenn Ponting – Early Monaros were just two-door Kingswoods; what’s the dif­fer­ence?

Michael Steven­son – I call them two-door Com­modores or Com­monaros; not hat­ing on them though, as I’d have one. In fact I’ve nearly bought a cou­ple in the past. When the tim­ing is right I’ll get one. By the way, I’ve had nu­mer­ous HK/T/G and HQ Monaros back when you could buy them for noth­ing.

Aaron Young – Well early man­ual CV8S are still sell­ing for $20K-plus with sub100,000km on the odome­ter.

Brent Parker – They should never have made the Monaro is this model; it would’ve been a far bet­ter car and more at­trac­tive in the VE. Reece Martin – Nah, the VE/VF body is way too chunky; a two-door wouldn’t suit it at all. Peter Hess – It will be clas­sic; it has the right num­ber of doors and it has a V8. Doesn’t mat­ter though, it has no race­track his­tory. Brett Glee­son – At the Bathurst 24-Hour it beat the world.

Peter Hess – Okay, a lim­ited-edi­tion 427C won Bathurst, but that’s not what’s avail­able to buy. Pa­trick Rollings – If you like Pommy Opel shite, then yes – oh, and you have a man bun – but other than that they suck large tes­ti­cles. Luke Muf­fler Giesen – Yeah, it’s just a twodoor Opel with a Holden badge. Rob Oberg – Nope, it was de­signed at Fish­er­mans Bend by Aussies; that’s why it has a Holden badge. Pug Young – Most would have Chev badges by now though, wouldn’t they? Glenn Tor­rens – You are ob­vi­ously new to cars, Luke! Chris Emery – Think there are a few jeal­ous Ford guys here.

Ty­ronne Tunza Bony – Give it 20 years and even the mighty AU Fal­con and VT Commodore in great nick will be worth a bit.

Adam Ki – Hope I die be­fore then! It’s like hav­ing an XD Fal­con worth big money.

Michael Tarvy­das – Of course it is a clas­sic. Peo­ple say it’s just a two-door Commodore, but the old Monaros were just Kingswoods with fruit!

Matthew Kernke – Best-look­ing late­model Holden. A V8 and a coupe is al­ways a win­ning com­bi­na­tion.

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