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NATHAN Far­ru­gia has bro­ken the world 275 record in his twin-turbo Ls-pow­ered RX-3, with a stag­ger­ing 6.77@208mph at Syd­ney Drag­way. To steer such a short-wheel­base car to that kind of speed and ET is a ballsy ef­fort to say the least.

The car left the start­line on a mis­sion, with a jaw-drop­ping 1.15-sec­ond 60-foot, clicked off a 4.4 at 168mph at half-track and turned on an­other 40mph in the back half to roll through at 208.75mph.

Nathan’s RX-3 has been get­ting quicker ev­ery meet­ing, and the gains have come not just by lean­ing harder on the twin 88mm tur­bos, but also through var­i­ous tun­ing changes to the en­gine and car.

The re­cent ad­di­tion of a wing has made the Mazda eas­ier to drive, but with 33psi of boost be­ing pushed through the 427ci LSX en­gine, this thing is mak­ing some se­ri­ous steam. The small-block lacks noth­ing in the hard­ware depart­ment, with a Cal­lies crank, GRP al­loy rods, Ross pis­tons and All Pro heads topped with a Plaz­ma­man in­take man­i­fold.

No­body can com­plain about the car’s re­li­a­bil­ity; this thing cuts laps all day.

Dale Heiler from Cas­tle Hill Ex­haust & Per­for­mance Cen­tre is the man be­hind the key­board, steer­ing the tune and set-up via a Hal­tech Elite with REM (race ex­pan­sion mod­ule). The sys­tem has ev­ery sen­sor known to man for data ac­qui­si­tion, and such an in­cred­i­ble ac­com­plish­ment can pri­mar­ily be put down to know­ing and un­der­stand­ing what all the data means and how to make gains with it. Is there more in the tank? “Hell yeah!” Dale says. “We ac­tu­ally ran the time on lower boost than we usu­ally run. We went to the Jam­boree with a 6.50 tune-up, but the track wasn’t there for us. But that num­ber is still in the tank.”

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