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UP ON Queens­land’s Capri­corn Coast, even the farm utes are V8s. Lo­cal hair­dresser Bec Moss­man loves her cars and cer­tainly trea­sures the mo­ti­va­tional forces a V8 un­der the bon­net de­liv­ers. Her pride and joy – and daily driver – is this im­mac­u­late Ul­tra Blue 1977 HZ One Ton­ner. How long have you had the Ton­ner? Go­ing on three years. What have you done to it? It was in pretty good nick when I got it – very neat and straight. Af­ter I hit a rock and holed the sump I re­placed the 308 with a 355 stro­ker. Lionel Durre from En­gine Im­prove­ments in Yep­poon has built some massive en­gines and I asked him to build the stro­ker; it’s a great en­gine! When I bought the Ton­ner it had un­sightly marine car­pet on the tray, which had to go! So while it was off the road I de­cided to put a pol­ished tim­ber tray on the back. I’ve done a few cos­metic things to the in­te­rior; there are now blinds in the rear win­dow and new seat­belts. But re­ally only lit­tle things. Is there any­thing more you’d you like to do to it? Not much. I love it as it is. Maybe a new diff, but that is all I want to do to it now. Have you taken it to any shows? Weren’t you at Summernats? No shows yet, as it has been off the road for a lit­tle time get­ting the stro­ker fit­ted. I did go down to Summernats 30 with my part­ner Stephen Crisp, who had en­tered his ’75 John Goss Spe­cial coupe. I re­ally wanted to take the Ton­ner, but tak­ing two cars all that way to Can­berra is hard work. Steve lets me drive his car, so that made Summernats great fun. Who de­cides on which car to take out? We usu­ally take the two cars. We have a twoyear-old son, Gos, so the lit­tle fella goes in the coupe with Stephen and I drive the HZ. So, what got you into cars? My dad’s al­ways had Holdens: Monaros, an HZ wagon, a WB ute and he also had an HZ One Ton­ner. Mum told me they traded their WB ute for the 308 HZ wagon; they took me home from hospi­tal in that car. It was the fam­ily car when I was grow­ing up, and it was the same colour as my One Ton­ner. At one stage Dad also had a yel­low and black V8 Monaro; he has a photo of me as a real young ’un un­der the car, help­ing him with a span­ner in my hand! So I started re­ally young. I helped Steve re­build the Goss Spe­cial. It started as a rusty shell. I re­ally en­joyed help­ing him and he pushed me into get­ting a drive of my own. How do you cope with the salty sea air up here? That’s hard. The garage is well sealed and the cars don’t stay out in the air for too long, al­though I’m a hair­dresser and I’ve had a sa­lon for about eight years so you’ll find it parked out­side the sa­lon when I’m there. I of­ten use the Ton­ner when trav­el­ling to wed­dings and spe­cial events at the lo­cal re­sorts. Any plans to take it on a longer drive? I’d love to take it to the Red Cen­tre­nats at Alice Springs. Not this year, but hope­fully soon. Do you have your eye on another ride? The Ton­ner is for­ever, but I’d like to get an HZ wagon like Dad had, and also a sedan – brings back mem­o­ries of his cars. We’ll have to get the space first!


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