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What keeps you go­ing through the hard times?

I re­ally do have a great net­work around me. I am blessed to be sup­ported by my won­der­ful part­ner Ni­vard and beau­ti­ful fam­ily and friends. My re­tired par­ents, who own the busi­ness, are an enor­mous en­cour­age­ment and as­sis­tance. And we are also for­tu­nate to have a great team at work who are very sup­port­ive. I have also truly val­ued the role men­tors have played in my ca­reer. Their guid­ance and direc­tion have cer­tainly as­sisted through some of those harder times.

What ad­vice can you give for start­ing your own busi­ness?

I would say, be­lieve in your­self and back your­self. En­sure you have a great net­work around you, and plan well. One thing I have learnt, is I don’t and never will know ev­ery­thing, so I have learnt to sur­round my­self with peo­ple who have the knowl­edge and skill base that I need to suc­ceed.

What have you learnt about your­self on this jour­ney?

To be­lieve in my­self and trust my in­stinct more.

What have you been up to since Style read­ers last met you, when you graced our 2013 cover with Mary Wag­ner?

One high­light is my growth as a leader. I feel I have grown con­sid­er­ably from when I first took on this role. Our or­gan­i­sa­tion has cer­tainly seen growth and of this I am ex­tremely proud. The awards my­self and the com­pany have re­ceived in the past 12 months have been a mag­nif­i­cent af­fir­ma­tion for the team. It’s been a chal­leng­ing but won­der­ful three years.

Which women in your life have men­tored/ in­spired you?

My grand­mother was a teacher, busi­ness owner and loved pol­i­tics. She was a strong woman with a great busi­ness mind and strong val­ues. I’ve al­ways looked up to my mother also who is re­silient woman who has al­ways been there for our fam­ily. She is a woman of great com­pas­sion, sen­si­tiv­ity and ben­e­fi­cial ad­vice. There have also been some in­cred­i­ble women in our in­dus­try.

Do women have a re­spon­si­bil­ity to help others women com­ing up through the ranks?

Yes, it is im­por­tant to men­tor and of­fer a hand up. But I be­lieve it’s not just women we need to help out. Gen­der di­ver­sity is the re­spon­si­bil­ity of both gen­ders. It’s not un­til the value of all roles, in­clud­ing the stay-at-home work, is given its true value will we ever see true equity and di­ver­sity.

What three qual­i­ties do you need to make it in the busi­ness world?

Pas­sion, tenac­ity and drive.

How do you main­tain work/life bal­ance?

This is a tough one. I re­ally don’t sub­scribe to work/life bal­ance. I have al­ways thought, if you love what you do, then work is another part of your life. Some­one asked me just re­cently, ‘do you ever switch off from work?’ One of our core val­ues is ‘it’s per­sonal’. Be­ing fourth gen­er­a­tion of this re­mark­able legacy is re­ally im­por­tant to me. My work is such a part of me, that my work/life bal­ance is one.

There also needs to be an ac­cep­tance that we aren’t su­per­women and can’t do it all, per­fectly, all of the time.

Tell us about your home, ‘chill out’ and un­wind­ing time.

Home is my sanc­tu­ary — a place I re­lax, some­times with a glass of wine or bub­bles with Ni­vard, while he cooks din­ner. We both love to spend time with our fam­ily and friends so we love it when the house is full of love, joy and laugh­ter! We try to en­ter­tain as much as we can, whether it be a re­laxed bar­be­cue­un­der our beau­ti­ful trees, or a din­ner party or a pic­nic in the back­yard with our nieces and neph­ews.

Is there still stigma about be­ing a ‘ca­reer woman’?

No, but I do be­lieve there needs to be more ac­cep­tance of the de­ci­sions made by both men and women when it comes to who stays at home and who joins the work­force. And un­til the hon­est value is placed on the work done in the home, then that ac­cep­tance will not tran­spire. We aren’t su­per­women and can’t do it all, per­fectly, all of the time. We need to be kinder to our­selves.

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