In with a bang!

Hav­ing a fringe can change your whole look… here’s how to ge the best ‘bangs’ for your buck.

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While fringes are one of our favourite (and quick­est ways) to up­date your style for win­ter, choos­ing a style that suits your face shape is im­por­tant.

Square face

Sim­i­lar width across fore­head, cheek­bones and jaw­line De­fined jaw­line Soften out the face by adding a long fringe that just grazes your eyes and feath­ers out into longer strands at each side. The mid­dle of the fringe can be a lit­tle more feath­ered, giv­ing glimpses of the fore­head, and should be cut just below the brows. Try mak­ing it thicker on the sides.

Round face

Face length and width sim­i­lar Soft an­gles Wider, full cheeks A gen­tly curved fringe, with a slow arch, helps com­ple­ment a fuller face and ac­cen­tu­ates fem­i­nine fea­tures. It may make the face ap­pear fuller, so ex­per­i­ment to make sure it suits you. You want a thick, graphic cut for this look, as it will make your bone struc­ture re­ally pop.

Heart-shaped face

Grad­ual nar­row­ing to the point of the chin Chin is fairly pointy Fore­head is gen­er­ally prom­i­nent A sideswept fringe will help nat­u­rally draw the eye across the face, end­ing at your eyes to ac­cen­tu­ate them. A feath­ered, lay­ered fringe is per­fect for this look, with longer pieces reach­ing your outer eyes and shorter pieces around the height of your eye­brow arch.

Oval face

Fore­head slightly wider than chin Face longer than its width Face ta­pers down to chin The good news is al­most any fringe can work with this shape face. How­ever for max­i­mum im­pact, try a pin straight, airy cut to ac­cen­tu­ate the pret­ti­est part of the face. Re­quest a fringe that hits be­tween the brows.

Small fore­head

A slop­ing, di­ag­o­nal fringe makes a short fore­head ap­pear stronger and more pro­nounced.

Re­quest a steep, side-swept cut which ends around the cheek­bone in a sub­tle lay­er­ing.

This fringe will re­quire a deep side part.

High fore­head

A ‘swingy’ fringe is thick and holds more vol­ume, help­ing to con­ceal the fore­head.

A grad­ual an­gle can be in­cor­po­rated to help open and widen the face a lit­tle.

You can part this fringe in the mid­dle, or re­quest a side-swept part.

Re­mem­ber to start far back from the hair­line to get the vol­ume and weight needed to make this look work.


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