As Aus­tralians, there is a strong drink­ing cul­ture pretty heav­ily in­grained in our so­cial scene

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Peo­ple strug­gle with the con­cept of oth­ers spend­ing a night out on the town not drink­ing — in fact, if you Google search “sober night out”, there’s self-help pages of how to en­joy your­self when not drink­ing.

How­ever, lately, it ap­pears that the so­cial scene is sober­ing up, and leav­ing al­co­hol be­hind the bar rather than topped up and in our hands.

Many celebri­ties in­clud­ing Bradley Cooper, Robert Downey Jr, Eva Men­des, Andy Murray, Brad Pitt and Jen­nifer Lopez don’t drink al­co­hol. So, why is this be­com­ing a trend? Peo­ple are putting time into their bod­ies and, fit­ness is now a trend.

It’s hip to be seen drink­ing green juices, eat­ing smoothie bowls and try­ing ev­ery new gym class un­der the sun.

By drink­ing and putting nasty al­co­hol and the sug­ary, calo­rie-loaded mix­ers that go with them in your body, peo­ple are wast­ing their time and hard work dur­ing the week.

How­ever, it is tough to just ‘clock-off ’ and stop drink­ing.

So, if it ap­peals to you and you don’t know where to start, here are some tips.


You don’t have to go cold turkey — just cut back your al­co­holic drinks, so that per­haps ev­ery sec­ond drink you have is re­placed by a non-al­co­holic drink.


Get cash out that you would nor­mally spend on al­co­hol but cut back on your drinks, and leave your credit card at home. Just spend this money. Once you’re ready to go home, put your re­main­ing money away and keep that as sav­ings. Keep this piggy bank and see how much money you save. This is a fan­tas­tic ex­cuse for not drink­ing, and I guar­an­tee your friends will adore you. Of­fer to be the des­ig­nated driver for your pals.

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