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WHY Adding a jump to your stan­dard squat and lunge not only in­creases in­ten­sity and en­ergy ex­pen­di­ture, it also works your butt and legs much harder to max­imise meta­bolic burn.

HOW Stand with your feet shoul­der-width apart and your chest held high, then sit your butt back into a body­weight squat, keep­ing your knees be­hind your toes. Drive up into a jump and land in a right­leg lunge, keep­ing your knees bent to ab­sorb the im­pact. That’s one rep. (Take this ex­er­cise slowly ini­tially to en­sure you have the proper lunge tech­nique: your body should be up­right, shoul­ders back, hands on your hips, right knee and an­kle in line, left knee just off the floor.) Drive up into a jump and land in a squat, then com­plete the move into a left-leg lunge.

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