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Land-based sen­sei HIROAKI NAKAMURA shares his hard-won knowl­edge on catch­ing the mighty bar­ra­mundi with­out a boat

We had a very good rainy sea­son.

Con­tin­ual heavy rain mainly be­tween the end of De­cem­ber and the be­gin­ning of March partly washed away sand and mud that have set­tled at the bot­tom of the small creeks and shoaly wa­ters.

The small creeks and shoaly wa­ters be­came shal­lower in re­cent years be­cause of the poor rainy sea­sons.

Many rocks that fish were us­ing as a refuge were buried in the sand on the bot­tom dur­ing that time.

Now the wa­ter depth has in­creased by about 15cm. That should be wel­comed. So small bar­ra­mundi are in­creas­ing in my usual fish­ing lo­ca­tions.

They are eas­ily caught on lures when the pro­duc­tive fish­ing win­dow is opened.

On Wednes­day I went fish­ing at Mindil creek. There was no moon. The tide was 7.20m at that mo­ment. The tide wa­ter was go­ing out. The wa­ter was very clear. At­tach­ing a w-hook as an as­sist hook to the tail of a Zerek Live Shrimp 127mm, I could ob­tain a good fish­ing re­sult even from very cau­tious bar­ra­mundi.

This rev­o­lu­tion­ary idea and lure were given to me by Mr Mark Jagla.

Any­one can ver­ify the ef­fec­tive­ness of this im­prove­ment.


Zerek Live Shrimp Size: 127mm Colour: 03 Where: Shal­low wa­ter 30cm-50cm Wa­ter: Very clear out­go­ing As­sist hook: W-hook with an as­sist cord Line: Fins 30LB Leader line: Sun­line FC Rock Flu­o­ro­car­bon 40LB Knot: The Slim Beauty Reel: Shi­mano Cal­cutta 200D Rod: St. Croix Tri­umph TRC60MF 6’ Me­diam Power Fast Ac­tion 10-17LB 1/43/4oz. Clip: Force Ten Stain­less Duo Lock Snaps #2 Ac­tion: Steady re­triev­ing

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