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1 Serge Gains­bourg per­formed the song Bon­niea nd Clyde with which fa­mous ac­tress?

2 The TV se­ries Sex and the City ran from 1998 to which year?

3 In what year was Twit­ter founded?

4 What movie did Bruce Wil­lis star in af­ter The Fifth El­e­ment?

5 What fa­mous Aus­tralian sports star has the nick­name Cud­dles?

6 Ro­mansh is a na­tional lan­guage of what Euro­pean coun­try?

7 When was the Magna Carta signed?

8 To which an­i­mal genus does the jaguarundi be­long?

9 What is the English trans­la­tion of the Ir­ish repub­li­can party Sinn Féin?

10 What year was MAD mag­a­zine first pub­lished?

11 Ja­panese taiyaki is a cake in the shape of what crea­ture?

12 Sk­ag­boys is the pre­quel to which successful novel?

13 Which coun­try has the old­est rain­for­est in the world?

14 In which year was Milo first launched in Aus­tralia?

15 How many sides does a do­decagon have?

16 Which planet has the long­est year?

17 Who is the founder of the Linux com­puter op­er­at­ing sys­tem?

18 What is the name of Meghan Trainor’s de­but al­bum?

19 Which play­wright wrote the three-act play A Doll’s House?

20 What 1948 Bri­tish movie stars Moira Shearer as a bal­le­rina?

21 Lau­rel and Hardy were Stan Lau­rel and who Hardy?

22 In what year was Sylvester Stal­lone’s film Rocky re­leased?

23 In which US state is the Seven Mile Bridge?

24 What type of bird is a black-rumped flame back?

25 Is Ri­boflavin also known as Vi­ta­min B1, B2, or B3?

26 In the Mada­gas­car movies, what type of an­i­mal is Glo­ria?

27 What is the west­ern­most point of main­land Aus­tralia?

28 Rapa Nui is the Poly­ne­sian name for which is­land?

29 What is the Ger­man term ‘sitzprobe’ as­so­ci­ated with?

30 What is the name of the for­mer Bri­tish royal yacht, which is a tourist at­trac­tion in Ed­in­burgh?

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