Nov23- Dec21

Sunday Territorian - - LIFESTYLE -

Or­son Welles said, “No­body gets jus­tice. Peo­ple only get good luck or bad luck”. Now, we’d all like to think that there’s a lit­tle more to our le­gal sys­tem than luck. But jus­tice is a funny thing. Peo­ple are sen­tenced to vary­ing amounts of prison time for an of­fence. But who de­cides what con­sti­tutes jus­tice? Some­times there’s a high price to be paid – and even that can’t truly rec­tify a bad deed. You can sense a wrong that needs to be righted. Your in­ter­nal moral com­pass is pow­er­ful. You know ex­actly what to do. Anx­ious? Call to hear your un­miss­able in-depth, fore­cast:

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