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Land-based sen­sei HIROAKI NAKAMURA shares his hard-won knowl­edge on catch­ing the mighty bar­ra­mundi with­out a boat

Bar­ra­mundi have left from my usual fish­ing lo­ca­tions. That is the usual in Septem­ber.

I went fish­ing at Mindil beach on Satur­day and Sun­day. I didn’t have any bar­ra­mundi’s strikes on my lures.

I only caught and re­leased a barracuda on Squid­gies Fish 80mm.

Many peo­ple believe that bar­ra­mundi be­come ac­tive in Septem­ber be­cause of the rise in seawa­ter tem­per­a­ture. That de­pends on cir­cum­stances. But in re­al­ity, it is very dif­fi­cult to catch bar­ra­mundi in my usual fish­ing lo­ca­tions in Septem­ber ev­ery year.

It is ex­pected that it is crowded with new jelly-prawns at the flood­plains some­where in Septem­ber.

There­fore, bar­ra­mundi move from my usual fish­ing lo­ca­tions to the flood­plains in the creeks some­where in search of jel­lyprawns in Septem­ber.

That is why Septem­ber is the dead sea­son for my land-based bar­ra­mundi fish­ing.

A per­son who has a boat still can catch bar­ra­mundi at the flood­plains in the creeks and nice sized Span­ish-mack­erel off­shore in Septem­ber.

Septem­ber is a not bad sea­son in that sense. My very good fish­ing friend, Al­lan War­chot, com­bined the­ory with prac­tice and caught and re­leased a 51cm bar­ra­mundi at the flood­plain in the Buf­falo creek re­cently. But things are not all bad to me. I was called out to by a per­son I didn’t know in town.

She said that she some­times read my fish­ing col­umn in the Sun­day Ter­ri­to­rian. It was very kind of her to say so. It made me feel very happy. Thank you very much, Mrs Pam Fuller.

Hiro meets fan Pam Fuller!

Al­lan War­chot’s 51cm bar­ra­mundi

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