Land-based sen­sei HIROAKI NAKA­MURA shares his hard-won knowl­edge on catch­ing the mighty bar­ra­mundi with­out a boat

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I found it dif­fi­cult to catch a nice sized bar­ra­mundi from a high rock.

My video, land based bar­ra­mundi fish­ing near town in Dar­win Vol­ume 35, will tell you that I missed a nice sized one.

I went fish­ing at My­illy Point rocks on Satur­day morn­ing.

I thought that there were many bar­ra­mundi in this area. There were — lots of lit­tle bar­ra­mundi. First, I used Bomber Long 15A Gold. Us­ing a soft fish­ing rod, I cre­ated an ab­nor­mal ac­tion with my lure, to make it seem like in­jured prey.

It was very im­por­tant how to add life to a lure with my fish­ing rod and reel.

Rod: Sa­maki Zing Xtreme SZX-661BM 6’6” Line: 8-14lb Cast: 1/4-5/8oz.

Ac­tion: Mod­er­ate. Reel: Shi­mano Scor­pion 70XG Gear ra­tio 8.2:1 very fast.

As a re­sult, I missed a nice sized bar­ra­mundi, but I caught a small one.

Sec­ond, I used Squid­gies Fish 70mm Lime Light­ing. This is a soft plas­tic shad lure. So match­ing the bait to the lo­ca­tion is the most im­por­tant as­pect of any land based fish­ing.

A soft plas­tic shad lure should be swum like a small fish, and its vi­bra­tion of swim­ming can be trans­mit­ted pre­cisely.

This is some­thing which is easy to for­get, so you should be care­ful too.

For ex­am­ple, af­ter a heavy rain, you can­not feel the vi­bra­tion of the swim­ming of the soft plas­tic shad lure very much.

As a re­sult, I caught a small bar­ra­mundi on Squid­gies Fish 70mm Lime Light­ing.

Sun­day morn­ing, I went fish­ing at Mindil Beach rocks.

Us­ing Ra­pala Orig­i­nal min­now 130mm, I had a fun fish­ing ex­pe­ri­ence.

There are thou­sands of rocks cov­ered with oys­ters in shal­low wa­ter. Many peo­ple lost lures in this area. How­ever, skilled an­glers can ad­e­quately en­joy fish­ing bar­ra­mundi on lures by land based meth­ods here.

Ra­pala Orig­i­nal min­now 130mm is a light­weight tim­ber lure.

Us­ing a soft fish­ing rod, I can have tact in man­ag­ing this lure.

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