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If you’re look­ing to em­i­grate to the US, us­ing a ro­bot to help you or­gan­ise your pa­per­work might just give you a bet­ter chance of suc­cess. It might not get the same 64% suc­cess-rate as the UK-based park­ing-fine lawyer­bot Do Not Pay, but VisaBot will help you ap­ply for and get an O-1 or B-2 Ex­ten­sion visa and won’t cost you a cent. Plug­ging di­rectly into Face­book’s Mes­sen­ger, you can even ap­ply while you chat with friends, mak­ing the process even less la­bo­ri­ous.


If you cast your mind back to the mid­dle of 2015 when Google’s Deep Dream im­age recog­ni­tion soft­ware and con­trol scheme was un­leashed on the in­ter­net, you’d re­alise just how pop­u­lar and pow­er­ful AI soft­ware photo ma­nip­u­la­tion can be. Icon8 Bot isn’t quite as hy­per­ac­tive as Deep Dream, but this Mes­sen­ger and Tele­gram bot has a few pre­con­fig­ured al­go­rithm fil­ters that will tweak self­ies to look more cre­ative.

[ SLACK ] AN­GRY SHAKE­SPEARE an­gryshake­speare.skee­vis­

Ev­ery­one knows that chat-plat­form Slack was cre­ated solely to give col­leagues a hard time on a slightly less-trace­able plat­form than your work email, and thanks to An­gry Shake­speare, now even the most prud­ish and unimag­i­na­tive pro­fan­ity watch­ers can dig the boot in too. If you have the urge to call one of your col­leagues a ‘greasy tal­low-catch’, it’s just a mat­ter of us­ing the /in­sult Slack­bot com­mand to unleash An­gry Shake­speare on them.


If you’re feel­ing down or a lit­tle un­mo­ti­vated, some­times all it takes is an in­spir­ing string of words or a funny joke to snap you out of that mind­set. Mo­ti­vate Bot is an AI quote dis­pen­sary that plugs into Face­book’s Mes­sen­ger app to shoot out a new mo­ti­vat­ing quote every morn­ing. If you can’t live off the one quote a day, you can write to the mes­sen­ger bot with any of the five com­mands it knows to get even more in­spir­ing, mo­ti­vat­ing or funny quotes out of it.

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