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BONEGHOST THE TER­RI­BLE is go­ing down! One hit to the face with ‘re­vamp’ and he’s met his sec­ond death, for this is Syl­la­blade, a mo­bile game that’s all about words... and vi­o­lence against un­dead mon­sters.

You start off with a lit­tle war­rior and a sword, fac­ing a skele­ton. The bot­tom half of the screen is taken up by a 4 x 4 board of jum­bled let­ters which you must use to cre­ate the long­est words you can. Like Scrab­ble, each let­ter has a cer­tain weight, so ‘rare’ will not be as pow­er­ful a word as ‘jazz’, for ex­am­ple.

You get an un­lim­ited amount of time for your go, so take as long as you need to think up the right words. Once you se­lect a word, your lit­tle war­rior will charge for­ward and hack at your op­po­nent, chis­elling down its health bar and earn­ing you gold, which you can use to up­grade your gear and weapons. Un­lock­ing items is def­i­nitely worth­while, as spend­ing the coin gives you a per­ma­nent boost to at­tack or health, re­gard­less of whether you’re ac­tu­ally wear­ing that item. Plus, en­emy at­tacks get more pow­er­ful as you progress.

If you cre­ate a word that has five or more let­ters, your ‘bonus tile’ me­ter be­gins to fill up, en­cour­ag­ing you to think up more com­plex words. There are lev­els, con­sist­ing of vary­ing num­bers of foes, and those lev­els com­bine into worlds, such as the grave­yard or for­est zones, where you will meet new ene­mies. Once you’ve filled up your bonus tile me­ter, a skull and cross­bones bonus tiles ap­pears on the board. You can use this tile to in­crease your let­ter count, and us­ing it also ini­ti­ates a lon­glast­ing ef­fect at­tack on your ene­mies, con­tin­u­ally work­ing down their health bars. The ef­fect hangs around af­ter one en­emy dies, too.

There are op­por­tu­ni­ties to re­play lev­els if you want to grind your way to up­grades, although your gold earn­ings will be re­duced. You can also pay real money to up­grade your gear and get more gems (which give you health bumps, spells and so on). How­ever, if you en­joy word games like this, the RPG el­e­ments make re­play­ing lev­els less of an an­noy­ing grind and more of an ac­tual brain chal­lenge.

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