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ELEC­TROLUX HAS HIT gold with the de­sign of the PUREi9: not only does the tri­an­gu­lar droid get at the hard-to-vac­uum cor­ners, a brush that au­to­mat­i­cally gets ori­ented to­wards walls and ob­sta­cles picks up the dirt from along room edges. The sus­pended wheels and pro­pri­etary tech­nol­ogy ‘Clim­bForceDrive’ lets the lit­tle an­droid climb up to 2.2cm, al­low­ing it to cross thresh­olds eas­ily and, un­like most ro­bot vac­u­ums, the PUREi9 has plenty of suc­tion power to scoop up dust, crumbs, fluff and even bits of gravel in a sin­gle pass. And while app con­trol is ex­cel­lent, al­beit lim­ited, its map­ping tech­nol­ogy is left want­ing, es­pe­cially con­sider the PUREi9’s un­de­ni­ably hefty price tag.

Although Elec­trolux has in­stalled 3D Vi­sion (the bot’s ob­sta­cle avoid­ance sys­tem) which works re­ally well we might add, the PUREi9 doesn’t seem to have any log­i­cal pat­tern to its move­ments, es­pe­cially when used on car­pet floors. Our test unit moved about rooms ran­domly, of­ten clean­ing the same strip of room mul­ti­ple times be­fore mov­ing on, and it’s wont to miss large sec­tions of a home if it’s a “com­pli­cated multi-room space”. More­over, it has a hard time re­turn­ing to its charg­ing sta­tion to top up its bat­ter­ies, which it will need to do at least once if you have a large home.

So while we can’t fault the hard­ware, Elec­trolux has seem­ingly strug­gled with the soft­ware side of things. Ex­cel­lent phys­i­cal clean­ing per­for­mance and per­fect app con­trol is all for naught if a ro­bot vac­uum can’t drive it­self log­i­cally, which, in the PUREi9’s case, means it can miss large sec­tions of a space or clean some spots re­peat­edly. We get the feel­ing the PUREi9 would op­er­ate more ef­fec­tively in small, sim­ple spa­ces — like a sparsely fur­nished stu­dio or small home (specif­i­cally, one with hard floors). But for a unit that comes with a price tag this high, we’d ar­gue it should do well in multi-room dwellings with wall-to-wall car­pets, too.

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