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Michael’s tal­ents have a su­per­nat­u­ral ori­gin

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When I was five, I had a strange dream. I was sit­ting in a dingy room, watch­ing an amaz­ing artist paint por­traits.

Af­ter that, I tried to paint pic­tures like I’d seen. To ev­ery­one’s sur­prise, my pic­tures were just as good.

When my teacher saw my work, she was sus­pi­cious.

‘Can you not do Michael’s art­work for him?’ she told my mum, Anna.

‘I didn’t,’ she said.

It wasn’t un­til the teacher saw me paint she be­lieved Mum was telling the truth.

‘How did you learn to paint like that?’ she cried.

‘From a dream,’ I said, not know­ing how strange that sounded.

But that wasn’t the only spooky thing that hap­pened.

My older sis­ter Monique, now 28, and I also saw fam­ily mem­bers who’d passed.

‘Grandad was here last night,’ I told Nana one day. ‘He was wear­ing a ma­roon suit and tie.’

‘That’s what I buried him in,’ she said, shocked.

Mum wasn’t fazed – we had psy­chics in our fam­ily, go­ing back gen­er­a­tions.

Monique and I weren’t in­ter­ested in play­grounds, like other kids were.

In­stead, we’d beg Mum to take us to Bud­dhist tem­ples. We loved the peace and spir­i­tu­al­ity there.

An­gels vis­ited us, too. Rather than hav­ing feath­ery wings, they had auras around their bodies.

One, an Ar­changel called Raphael had a won­der­ful green glow all around him.

They’d give us guid­ance and tell us that the world needed more love, peace and kind­ness.

We also had vis­its from Mother Mary, Je­sus, and saints, in our be­d­rooms or lounge room. We thought ev­ery­one did!

Paint­ing wasn’t the only thing I learned in my sleep.

At 16, I was shown how to sing and play gui­tar in a dream. The next day I bought a gui­tar and im­me­di­ately, I could play it. I could sing the blues, too.

Amazed, my fam­ily en­tered me in a mu­sic com­pe­ti­tion. I was thrilled when I was an­nounced as the win­ner.

Then, a year ago, I was shown how to play the piano in a dream. Just like be­fore, I bought a key­board the next day and could in­stantly play by ear.

Per­form­ing in bars, I played soul and blues songs.

Want­ing to do some­thing for oth­ers, I started do­ing gigs for char­i­ties like the Starlight Foun­da­tion.

I paint pic­tures for char­ity auc­tions, too, in the style of Re­nais­sance artists. When some fetched $5000, I was over the moon.

It’s great to be able to use my tal­ents to help oth­ers, I thought.

Mean­while, Monique is vis­ited by an­gels and spirit guides who give her mes­sages about when peo­ple will fall preg­nant, and whether the baby is a boy or girl.

In Jan­uary, Monique told me about a visit she’d had.

‘An­gels asked me to write a book with mes­sages they want us to share,’ she said.

Our book, Chil­dren of the Light, was pub­lished in July.

We hope it will help par­ents raise spir­i­tual chil­dren and we’ll put the pro­ceeds to­wards start­ing a hos­pice for young peo­ple.

An­gels vis­ited us, too… one had a green

glow all around him

Me paint­ing my self por­trait Me­and­myMother Mary art­work Monique, me and our book

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