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Pisces ● Feb 20-Mar 20

From an astro­log­i­cal point of view, Saturn-re­lated ob­sta­cles ap­pear in our path when­ever we try to move for­ward with­out the nec­es­sary foun­da­tions in place. So should you find red tape, strange de­lays or mys­te­ri­ous op­po­si­tion work­ing against you this month, it’s worth­while re­view­ing your as­pi­ra­tions. Are they too nar­row? Re­jig­ging your agenda to some­thing where more peo­ple ben­e­fit would be a suitably Nep­tune-in­spired ap­proach to dis­solv­ing en­er­getic road­blocks. When the neb­u­lous planet’s joined in your sign by Venus, Sun and Mer­cury for the last third of Fe­bru­ary, the com­pas­sion­ate, char­i­ta­ble qual­i­ties of your sign be­come more prom­i­nent, and magic starts hap­pen­ing.

Aries ● Mar 21-Apr 21

With your rul­ing planet Mars tak­ing off run­ning in the sign of the gal­lop­ing Cen­taur, Fe­bru­ary finds you in full for­ward mode: talk­ing up a storm, revving a mile a minute, re­boot­ing ho-hum part­ner­ships, rev­el­ling in new ex­pe­ri­ences with new peo­ple… so far, so fab­u­lous. But this month’s speedy Aquar­ian/Sagit­tar­ian en­er­get­ics make it es­sen­tial to es­tab­lish a clear vi­sion of what you want and keep fo­cused on this goal through­out the var­i­ous lessons you en­counter en route to achiev­ing it. Big­gest chal­lenge? Bal­ance. You could be rec­on­cil­ing the op­pos­ing po­lar­i­ties and con­tra­dic­tions of in­de­pen­dence and in­ti­macy, rule-break­ing and re­spon­si­bil­ity, and tough­ness and trust.

Tau­rus ● Apr 22-May 21

For the first half of Fe­bru­ary, Venus, your guid­ing planet, in men­tal-asany­thing Aquar­ius, func­tions beau­ti­fully in group dy­nam­ics, but may strug­gle with the emo­tional

com­po­nent in up-close-and-per­sonal equa­tions. In which case, ask your­self: Would I rather be right? Or more un­der­stand­ing? The last half of the month an­swers that ques­tion when com­pas­sion­ate Nep­tune en­cour­ages re­leas­ing right/wrong, blame/guilt judge­ments, and Venus en­ter­ing ten­der-hearted Pisces re­minds us (how­ever tooth-grit­tingly) that we’re all con­nected whether we like it or not – and how re­liant we of­ten are on the very peo­ple who some­times an­noy us most...

Gem­ini ● May 22-Jun 22

With Mer­cury in gre­gar­i­ous Aquar­ius for most of the month, Fe­bru­ary of­fers up a Gem­ini-friendly mixed plate of nov­elty and va­ri­ety, just the way you like it. The theme is rein­ven­tion: all the way from your look to your so­cial net­works and yes, fresh ap­proaches to bor­ing old bud­get­ing. Ex­pect a turnover of friends as some leave your life and an in­flux of colour­ful oth­ers ar­rive to light up your ev­er­ex­pand­ing cir­cle – but be pre­pared to re­view be­liefs and opin­ions which these rev­o­lu­tion­ary new­bies may chal­lenge. From the 19th on­wards, ease up and let the new you set­tle in.

Cancer ● Jun 23-Jul 23

To em­ploy a wa­tery Cance­rian me­taphor for Fe­bru­ary: be­hold the oys­ter, which makes an art form out of craft­ing ir­ri­ta­tion into the prover­bial pearl of wis­dom. If this month’s driven cit­i­zens step on your sen­si­tive toes, use the op­por­tu­nity to re­vamp and up­grade those mood-con­trol skills. No­tice all the ways oth­ers show up to sup­port you, even if their style of do­ing so isn’t your way or per­sonal pref­er­ence. If you’re feel­ing in need of lu­nar nour­ish­ment, it ar­rives via the new moon’s mind-al­ter­ing eclipse mid-month, fol­lowed by the Pisces en­ergy late-month ten­deris­ing a sit­u­a­tion you’ve wanted to soften.

Leo ● Jul 24-Aug 23

The Leo moon is about Me. Your ruler the sun in Aquar­ius is about We. The whole of this month re­volves around how to com­bine them. Fe­bru­ary’s stage is set in its first half-hour with dra­matic ‘this is your life’ Leo’s full moon eclipse. This will prompt eureka re­al­i­sa­tions con­cern­ing bril­liant new ways of shar­ing your cre­ative gifts with the world. Ex­pect these to con­tinue as the month un­folds. Soak up full eclipse ben­e­fits by sim­pli­fy­ing rou­tines and com­mit­ments, stand­ing back and watch­ing what hap­pens around you – and even more im­por­tantly, your own re­sponses. This slow­ing-down process is es­sen­tial so you can fully in­te­grate and ab­sorb some­thing blind­ingly ob­vi­ous.

Virgo ● Aug 24-Sep 23

As your pa­tron planet Mer­cury gets busy for most of Fe­bru­ary with groups and or­gan­i­sa­tions, sat­is­fy­ing progress can be achieved by stay­ing open to feed­back and cri­tiquing – while keep­ing in mind that other peo­ple’s opin­ions of you are ul­ti­mately their busi­ness, not yours. When the last week of the month eases into the mys­tic, es­o­teric things start mak­ing more sense. Grip-loos­en­ing Nep­tune in­flu­ences can be con­fronting for those of us who get the job done best by be­ing or­gan­ised, plan­ning ahead and mak­ing con­tin­gency plans – but a play­ful, less con­trolled style al­lows for dif­fer­ent, more or­ganic out­comes.

Li­bra ● Sep 24-Oct 23

You’re used to deal­ing with fi­nan­cial swings and eco­nomic round­abouts, and this month calls for your finest bal­anc­ing act of jug­gling in­come streams, tight­en­ing fi­nan­cial leaks, plan­ning new money moves and ap­ply­ing cash-savvy strate­gies to shared as­sets and joint hold­ings. Li­brans are al­ready won­der­ful part­ners with the abil­ity to choose other won­der­ful part­ners, both in­ti­mate and busi­ness wise, but Fe­bru­ary’s plan­e­tary salad dishes up some sur­prises in the re­la­tion­ship dance which re­quire up­grad­ing and refin­ing your mat­ing game. Sound chal­leng­ing? No way. Not with elec­tric Uranus and sexy Jupiter tran­sits mak­ing you even more dan­ger­ously at­trac­tive than usual.

Scor­pio ● Oct 24-Nov 22

While Scor­pio’s nat­u­ral im­pulse is to hold on, cur­rent Aquar­ian in­flu­ences are stim­u­lat­ing a push for free­dom and in­de­pen­dence. Dif­fi­cult dy­namic? Not so much, be­cause spon­ta­neous Uranus and ex­hil­a­rat­ing Jupiter are declar­ing this month’s twin themes, com­ple­tion and restart: wind­ing up, say­ing good­bye and sign­ing off to be­gin again. As your Scor­pio-es­que phoenix read­ies for take-off, Fe­bru­ary may well rock your world and ques­tion your deep­est be­liefs. But Saturn strength­ens com­mit­ment to your per­sonal path and Jupiter shines its wise light on the yin and yang of re­la­tion­ships, all the com­bined shadow and shin­ing of love’s con­stantly chang­ing vari­a­tions.

Sagit­tar­ius ● Nov 23-Dec 21

With mo­ti­vat­ing Mars in your friendly, op­ti­mistic sign for this mis­chievous, laugh-out-loud month, you live-it-up lot will be able to talk any­one into any­thing – in­clud­ing your­selves. And just so the mixed-bless­ing, shadow side of the red planet in Sagit­tar­ius doesn’t work against you, first read the ad­vice for sis­ter fire-sign Aries. Sec­ond, while it’s tempt­ing to fol­low in­ter­est­ing en­ergy wher­ever it may lead, it’s also nec­es­sary to pull your fo­cus in and stick to a pro­gram. Third: since you don’t like rules and re­stric­tions, you won’t be in­sist­ing oth­ers abide by them, will you?

Capri­corn ● Dec 22-Jan 20

While Saturn in your sign ap­plies checks and bal­ances to your work world, it prom­ises suc­cess and re­wards through ap­plied ef­fort. With Fe­bru­ary of­fer­ing a cor­nu­copia of choice and chal­lenge, this ca­reer­dreams-come-true tran­sit is al­ready mov­ing your lead­er­ship skills to new pro­fes­sional lev­els. Though present as­tral in­di­ca­tions are to buckle up and knuckle down, if any­one knows how to blend busi­ness and plea­sure, it’s Capri­corns – so after do­ing the hard yards, be sure to take time to put your hooves up, let your hair down and bask in the late-month af­ter­glow of all you’ve achieved.

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