Cryp­tic Cross­word

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1. That’s a mean way to say “So be it” (4) 6. My Amer­i­can un­cle and I visit old Thai­land (4)

8. Put some life into Ian and get him in the team (7) 9. With­out hes­i­ta­tion, Di­eter muddles to re­vise the text (4) 10. Mostly avoid if not legally bind­ing (4) 11. We have a right to most of the or­anges which we put in or­der (7) 15. Boy is seen with the French kitchen uten­sil (5)

17. And there are two points to these moun­tains (5)

20. Eat no turf? That can be so lucky! (9) 21. In re­verse, my un­cle from 6. Across and I meet a war­rior in Africa (5)

24. An artist needs such sup­port (5)

27. The UN puts it on only to take it off again (7)

30. See how it’s right to ag­i­tate it? (4) 31. A very long story about a gas leak (4) 32. Laud tea – or just “lat­ter it! (7) 33. Al­ter­na­tively, lit­tle Alan has been spo­ken for (4) 34. Meet only to re­turn to see it pour down with rain (4)


2. I made it with a press release (5) 3. Re­lates to birth in Africa, per­haps (5) 4. It is about Her Majesty and the rank held (4) 5. Starts to move the an­i­mal’s foot “irst in chess (4) 6. There’s no tea for Steven as his num­ber’s up (5) 7. I break a leg but re­main nim­ble nonethe­less (5)

12. Try to stop singing the cho­rus (7)

13. You rang and the French bony one ap­peared (7)

14. For mo­torists to get gas and other gear they re­quire (7) 15. Mrs Slocum loses her head over the surgery stand-in (5) 16. Sid mainly gets it off and takes it off (5) 18. Doc­tors, for in­stance, meet the un­wanted (5) 19. Ac­cept­ing such booty will mar the out­come (5) 22. He per­forms cur­rently at

The Hill (5)

23. Mostly ru­ral with a sense of hear­ing about it (5)

25. There’s a dis­tinct ad­van­tage seen when an alien gets on a don­key (5)

26. Big Bird ac­cepts each lit­tle bro­ken leg (5)

28 This doc­tor starts to beat it (4)

29. Dash into this lane er­rat­i­cally (4)

So­lu­tion in next month’s is­sue.

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