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LAU­REEN Qualis­chef­ski was born on June 2, 1948, in Bid­de­ston.

She was one of seven chil­dren born to Lau­rie Vin­cent Lob­wein and Ada Sophia Lob­wein.

Her brothers and sis­ters were Shirley, Fay, Jan­ice, Ron­nie, John and Ray.

She was 13 when the fam­ily moved to Toowoomba, where they lived in Raff St.

She was 14 when she met her fu­ture hus­band, Stan Qualis­chef­ski.

He and his brother Lloyd were in the Cit­i­zen Mil­i­tary Force and on their way to the bar­racks, they would walk down Raff St.

“One night we were go­ing to the bar­racks and sit­ting on the ve­ran­dah of a house in Raff St, we saw two beau­ti­ful girls,” Mr Qualis­chef­ski said.

“As the weeks past, we got to know Lau­reen and Jan (her sis­ter) and it wasn’t long be­fore Lau­reen and I were go­ing out.”

Mr Qualis­chef­ski said Lau­reen’s fa­ther was against it as she was only 15 at the time.

But weeks and months past and Lau­reen was soon


With her par­ents’ per­mis­sion, the two were mar­ried on March 26, 1966, when Lau­reen was six months preg­nant.

Their son Johnny was born two months later and Lau­reen’s mother loved him at first sight.

“We would go out on Satur­day nights and Ada would look af­ter Johnny,” Mr Qualis­chef­ski said.

As the years passed and the first day of school came, Mr Qualis­chef­ski and his wife put Johnny to bed and in the morn­ing he was gone.

He ran away up to his Nana, who didn’t live far away.

“Ada loved Johnny so much that Lau­reen and I made a heart­break­ing de­ci­sion,” Mr Qualis­chef­ski said.

“If we took John from Ada, it would break her heart. My wife and I de­cided to travel, we knew our son was safe with the one he loved.”

Mr Qualis­chef­ski and Lau­reen went to Mel­bourne, and Mr Qualis­chef­ski got a job as a store­man.

“Satur­day nights were ours, (we would) catch a train to the city and do the night clubs,” he said.

“We made new friends fish­ing and camp­ing, but Satur­day nights was just for us.

“We be­came so close noth­ing or no­body could sep­a­rate us.”

Lau­reen thought she couldn’t have any more chil­dren, but on re­turn­ing home from work one day she told her hus­band she was preg­nant.

“Lau­reen spent days, weeks, months look­ing for a per­fect name and the day our daugh­ter was born she named her Ni­cole Lana Qualis­chef­ski,” he said.

“No words can ex­plain how much she loved Ni­cole.”

As the years passed and Ni­cole started school at Mur­rum­beena Pri­mary School.

Her fa­ther would take her to school, not far away from where they lived, some­times dou­bling her on his push-bike.

“One day I said to Ni­cole ‘lets give school a big miss to­day’ and we caught the train to Mel­bourne Zoo,” Mr Qualis­chef­ski said.

“What a great day we had.”

Mr Qualis­chef­ski and his wife de­cided to re­turn to Toowoomba.

Ni­cole at­tended Wil­son­ton Pri­mary School and later Mt Lofty High School.

Ni­cole made two good friends – Jodie and Theresa – and the three spent a lot of time camp­ing in the car­a­van in the back­yard.

Lau­reen was al­ways there for her daugh­ter and when Ni­cole left school, she soon found a job at Wool­worths.

Mr Qualis­chef­ski said when Ni­cole was born it gave his wife a new lease on life.

“I could not ex­plain how happy she was, but I could see it in her eyes.”

He said Ni­cole and their son Johnny be­came very close.

When the fam­ily re­turned to Toowoomba in 1992 it had been 26 years since they’d seen their son.

“Lau­reen’s dad was still alive and would come and visit us. Af­ter the pass­ing of Lau­reen’s fa­ther, Johnny did come (to visit) and it made Lau­reen so happy.”

Lau­reen died sud­denly on Au­gust 21, 2017.


HAPPY COU­PLE: Lau­reen Qualis­chef­ski and her hus­band Stan were very much in love.

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