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This D.I.Y. is for all you su­per-awe­some sci­ence nerds, and, well, for any­one who loves SLIME! Guys, get ready, your mind is about to be BLOWN. Let me tell you about a lit­tle thing called OOBLECK.

It is a non-New­to­nian fluid — I’ll pause here, be­cause I know a lot of you are think­ing, ‘EH?’ This means it acts like a liq­uid when be­ing poured, but acts like a solid when a force is act­ing on it. So, you can dip your hand slowly into it and it will act like a liq­uid, but if you squeeze the Oobleck or punch it, it will dry out and be­come more of a solid. I know, I know . . . AWE­SOME!

You may be won­der­ing, ‘Oobleck . . . that’s a pretty whacky name.

I won­der what ge­nius came up with that.’ Well, awe­some peo­ple, it was the mast er of all rhymes and sto­ries, Dr. Suess. He wrote a lit­tle tale called Bartholomew and the Oobleck. In the story, Oobleck, a gooey green sub­stance, fell from the sky and wreaked havoc on the king­dom.

The best bit is, Oobleck is su­per easy to make. Here are some sim­ple in­struc­tions for you.

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