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(600m) is with a taxi. Poor things! – HR

Par­ents/car­ers of Cur­rumbin Pri­mary School stu­dents - you are not spe­cial! Kiss & Go is not an area to park your car! Nei­ther is park­ing on yel­low lines, school cross­ings or pedes­trian cross­ings, or the grassy hill on the cor­ner com­ing down Thrower Drive. – Fed Up

A Yes or No Vote for or against day­light sav­ing at next elec­tion would an­swer all. Just like we had 33 years ago. – Mal­colm

It is ac­cess to Broad­wa­ter Park­lands, not Broad­beach, that needs at­ten­tion. Peo­ple risk­ing death daily cross­ing Marine Pde against lights since Dawn Crichlow had the pedes­trian un­der­pass re­moved. – Curly Bells BigDogCar­rara. Try­ing to turn the mas­sacre of in­no­cent peo­ple, re­gard­less of gen­der into a “fem­i­nist” is­sue … re­ally? How petty and sad. – Julie

Some judges and mag­is­trates do not live in my world. Un­li­censed hoon kills a hus­band and father. Sen­tenced to goal, will be re­leased Au­gust 2018. Can­not apply for li­cense for 3 years. What a joke. – The Wiz

Tom says he’s a 24 hours mayor. I guess he is re­fer­ring to the amount of hours he works per week. – Dan

Well said, Kathy, I was in the last draft and lucky for me my num­ber was missed, how­ever, I still felt the pain and have lots mates who are in worse pain after be­ing there. My father was also a WWII Dig­ger. While he seemed to get on with it, he suf­fered silently all his life. Lest We Forget any who served. – BM

I was run­ning late to catch the light rail and saw lit­tle old lady strug­gling so I quickly helped her on and said ‘you’re lucky I was there to help you get on’. She looked at me and said ‘not re­ally as I was get­ting off’.

Tom & friends at GCCC you need to check out the traf­fic queued from one bridge to the other in the morn­ings on Chevron Is­land. Just widen the bridges in­stead of spend­ing money on silly new rail­ings. Surely it’s not that hard?!

To JP, turn­ing lights on 1 hour later in day­light sav­ing to save power just means you will be turn­ing them on 1 hour ear­lier. Where’s the sav­ing? – GB


The beau­ti­ful canals of the Gold Coast.

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