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Our story about lit­tle Stella Gille­spie be­ing de­liv­ered by ob­ste­tri­cian Drew Mof­frey still in the am­ni­otic sac re­ceived a big re­ac­tion from read­ers

Mar­garette Ma­clen­nan Very spe­cial. My Irish mum called it a Call, said it was lucky for sailors, one of big my broth­ers was born in one.

Mea­gan Wright Jer­aldene was born that way and yeah I have read this be­fore and add in she was born at home on the lounge­room floor while I was alone. Makes it even more of a mir­a­cle.

Jen­nifer Sy­monds One very lucky and spe­cial baby girl.

Jane Pot­ter It’s not that rare my daugh­ter was born breech in the sack ... it doesnt hap­pen much any­more as these drs like to go in with the hook.

Krys­tal Ivan Bec Wade. I will never for­get Levi’s birth, was the most amaz­ing thing I’ve ever seen!!!

Bec Wade I know! I wish I had some pics of it be­cause I just go off what I felt. And the look on your guys face when it burst ev­ery­where lol.

Linda Mum­ford My grand­son was born like that at the old Gold Coast hos­pi­tal in 2013. Was quite amaz­ing to see.

Mary Spears Yes, it’s im­pres­sive to see.

Kate Cutmore So spe­cial and


Shi­anne Ba­teup I had 3 of them

Emily Bax­ter Har­vey My daugh­ter was born like this in the wa­ter

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