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ISN’T time up for former school teacher and cur­rent Queens­land Trans­port and Main Roads Min­is­ter Mark Bai­ley?

He has proved in­ept in all de­part­ments un­der his lead­er­ship.

Train de­ba­cles are never end­ing. Gold Coast tram de­vel­op­ment and mo­tor­way im­prove­ments are bogged down be­cause of his ex­cuses and neg­a­tive, out of re­al­ity com­ments.

Ev­ery facet of his port­fo­lio has the thumbprint of the pon­tif­i­cat­ing, in­de­ci­sive and blun­der­ing Mark Bai­ley. Yet the me­dia, in my mind, ap­pear to pro­tect him.

He has shown to be ob­vi­ously out of his depth in a min­is­te­rial of­fice and espe­cially dan­ger­ous in a se­ri­ous one, such as roads and trans­port.

I be­lieve it’s high time he went back to school. DOUG HAR­VEY, PAR­ADISE WA­TERS

MIN­IS­TER Mark Bai­ley we are over your party pol­i­tics. If your party had not put Queens­land into debt the fol­low­ing in­fra­struc­ture and more would be in place now:

Fast, di­rect rail from Gold Coast (Coolan­gatta) to Bris­bane and air­port not way out west where you want to spend $5 bil­lion to cut five min­utes off the trip. It will still be way too slow.

The Bruce High­way to­tally up­graded Bris­bane to Cairns.

The west­ern high­way to Dalby up­grades.

An eight-lane M1 from Bris­bane CBD to Tweed.

Fast rail Bris­bane to Cairns max­i­mum 10 hours.

New coal and nu­clear power sta­tions and not the use­less so­lar and wind green rub­bish.

Dams to pro­vide wa­ter to agri­cul­ture and farm­ing lands.

In other words: con­cen­trate on what the peo­ple need and stop the in­ter-party brawl­ing which achieves noth­ing. STAN FORGHAM, TALLAI

IT’S of­ten not help­ful to en­gage in a “tit for tat” ex­change of let­ters but just as Dr Sayer of Gold Coast (Let­ters, July 18) felt he could not al­low a let­ter by Dun­can of Elanora go “un­chal­lenged”, I feel obliged to chal­lenge him.

The sub­ject at the heart of this is cli­mate change – a de­bate sparked on these pages af­ter the re­lease of alarm­ing flood pre­dic­tions.

Dr Sayer com­ments that he is a “med­i­cal sci­en­tist” who has worked for the World Health Or­gan­i­sa­tion. This, how­ever, has clearly not pro­tected him from a se­vere dose of cli­mate change scep­ti­cism.

It was made abun­dantly clear when the ex­pert he cited was Prof Ian Plimer – one of the great­est cli­mate scep­tics of all and author of books and pa­pers that have been heav­ily crit­i­cised by the sci­en­tific com­mu­nity.

In­deed, ac­cord­ing to NASA and many other rep­utable sci­en­tific groups, there is now a 97 per cent con­sen­sus that the earth is warm­ing and this is caused by hu­man ac­tiv­ity. Why lis­ten, there­fore, to peo­ple like Prof Plimer?

This is im­por­tant be­cause ad­her­ence to faulty be­liefs not only con­fuses the dis­cus­sion but in­ter­feres with at­tempts to ame­lio­rate the sit­u­a­tion.

Let’s try to ex­press balanced views and go with the con­sen­sus of rep­utable sci­en­tific in­for­ma­tion. YVETTE DEMPSEY, CARRARA

SLIC­ING through the eco-bab­ble that dis­fig­ures the en­ergy de­bate – car­bon neu­tral, dis­patch­able power, feed-in tar­iff, small-scale re­new­able en­ergy scheme – two facts emerge: wind and so­lar don’t stack up; gas and coal does.

But try telling that to any green zealot, se­cure in an ivory tower, safe in a gov­ern­ment job. P.C. WIL­SON, MI­AMI

IT’S just an­other study from over­seas, this time Italy, sug­gest­ing that mod­er­ate con­sump­tion of beer or wine might just as­sist men to get the ball rolling and start a fam­ily, (GCB July 19). Chem­i­cals in beer hops ap­par­ently may slightly im­prove sperm counts.

As with most of these re­search “find­ings”, terms used are usu­ally vague as if there is still con­sid­er­able doubt as to the re­li­a­bil­ity of the re­sults.

Mind you, a group of 323 men is hardly a great sam­ple upon which to base their find­ings. KEN JOHN­STON, ROCHEDALE SOUTH

WHAT pres­i­dent Trump said or did not say at his meet­ing with the Rus­sian pres­i­dent does not mat­ter, it’s the re­sult that counts.

Be­ing po­lite to some­one is hardly a crime. All the abuse and name call­ing by oth­ers in the past have done no good.

There seems like there are a lot of peo­ple who would rather have Trump fail than have a more peace­ful world. Let’s hope most peo­ple see past this self­ish ‘see I was right’ at­ti­tude. ROD WAT­SON, SURFERS PAR­ADISE

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