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What peo­ple eat and drink seems to re­flect their re­spect for the en­vi­ron­ment, hence all the fast food wrap­pings and soft drink cans lit­tered around Har­bour Town. Luigi

I think it would be shock­ing to think the Candy­man may stand for mayor – he does not set a good ex­am­ple by hav­ing a wife and girl­friend along with his chil­dren and all his ex­tra women liv­ing un­der the one roof. Also, he lives his lav­ish life­style by sell­ing cheap to­bacco which is caus­ing ma­jor health prob­lems in Aus­tralia. I hope no­body votes for him, he would ruin the clean im­age of the Gold Coast. Pa­tri­cia

Obama back on CNN. He was all show and no go, all talk and bug­ger all ac­tion. Trump makes him look so puny.

I’m tired of the ad­vert on Chan­nel 10 for Point­less, why watch, it’s POINT­LESS!

One good thing when you go to a Suns game – you can al­ways leave early. MC

To the fool who texted about mums not be­ing ma­ter­nal by send­ing kids to kindy, school and grand­par­ents. It’s called mod­ern day cost of liv­ing. Some mums need to work! Noth­ing to do with “ca­reers driven”. - thorted

Mark Latham is my favourite politi­cian. Most are bor­ing, good-for-noth­ing par­rots, drably re­peat­ing out-of-touch party slogans. But Latham is an ex­pert at fit­ting both feet in his mouth at once. En­ter­tain­ment plus. Can’t wait to see what he comes out with next. Dave

I don’t want my Grand­fa­ther’s burial plot be­ing run over by a cruise ship. Chop­per

Dr Gra­ham Sayer on cli­mate change. So suc­cinctly put.

But the cli­mate change zealots will not like it one bit. Dar­ryle Knowles, Main Beach

When we think about how ab­surd it would be if big Trav the Candy­man be­comes mayor … spare a thought for all those who gig­gled at the thought of Trump for Pres­i­dent. Just a thought … Father Bob.

To be hon­est, I can’t see the Candy­man be­ing any worse than any of the lo­cal, State or Fed­eral fools al­ready in power. Jus Sayin, GC

Why do politi­cians have to kiss ba­bies? I find it quite nau­se­at­ing and icky. Wouldn’t let some stranger kiss my baby. Ewww - Old chook

I agree with you An­drew, the sci­en­tific ev­i­dence proves the Gold Coast is to­tally un­suit­able

for a CST. Eco­nomic ev­i­dence also backs this. Still they try. Per­haps the coun­cil could re­lease the 50 or so pages they for­got to show us on the orig­i­nal re­port. We the tax­pay­ers paid for it all. GARY.

The thing you have to un­der­stand about Don­ald Trump is he is re­ally, re­ally, re­ally in­tel­li­gent, and ev­ery­one else isn’t.

How did I sur­vive? My mum had no fridge, lead wa­ter

pipes, the bread and milk sat on the bench, as did the meat. Ev­ery­thing got the sniff test, if it smelt bad it was bad. And we had real milk. She used the same bag for 20 years, with meat, veg, eggs (no boxes), fish. So what is the drama about bags now? Glyn

To Rod Riguez, Chatroom, July 18. You are cor­rect in writ­ing that tar­iffs on im­ported goods makes them more ex­pen­sive. Please un­der­stand that is the whole pur­pose, so

that peo­ple will not buy the im­ported goods, but buy lo­cally pro­duced prod­ucts, thus sup­port­ing lo­cal busi­nesses. Al

All this hys­te­ria over whether The Don­ald trusts his in­tel­li­gence agen­cies. Of course he doesn’t, af­ter all, weren’t these the same agen­cies that told us there were weapons of mass de­struc­tion in Iraq, which we then in­vaded? GT

I can­not be­lieve Qld Trans­port Min­is­ter wants to see more traf­fic growth be­fore an­other mo­tor­way to Bris­bane is con­sid­ered. He should re­sign af­ter that state­ment as he knows there will be with con­tin­ued pop­u­la­tion growth hap­pen­ing for decades to come. If fund­ing is the main rea­son then push the Premier harder now, not when the cost will in­crease in fu­ture. NSW is spend­ing tens of bil­lions on in­fra­struc­ture

in the Syd­ney re­gion to cater for new air­port be­ing built while Qld is spend­ing peanuts with a new run­way to open soon in Bris­bane which will mean even more tourists for the GC next decade from over­seas. The money must be found oth­er­wise the Coast will grind to a halt. The Dom­i­na­tor

I once thought the hous­ing bub­ble idea was non­sense but not any­more. $500,000 houses will be worth about $350,000 once ris­ing in­ter­est rates purge them of their coun­ter­feit value. The bat­tler will be fi­nan­cially wiped out while the rich swoop from the side­lines to snap up the bar­gains. - Phyl­lis

Never mind smok­ers. Sack the Face­book ad­dicts. They’re the real bludgers in the work­place. Dave

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