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Yes­ter­day, I com­pared Jupiter’s Sagit­tar­ian visit to Cae­sar en­ter­ing Rome. But it’s not about pomp and cir­cum­stance. Ro­man gen­er­als were of­ten ac­com­pa­nied by gla­di­a­tors who would whis­per, ‘re­mem­ber you’re (only) a man’ into their ears. And so, this is a good mo­ment to re­mind our­selves of the ex­cesses Jupiter likes to in­dulge in. Still, the planet of luck’s ar­rival in its own sign is an em­phatic, pos­i­tive de­vel­op­ment. With Venus and Mars align­ing har­mo­niously to­day, heart’s de­sires have rarely been more at­tain­able. ARIES MAR 21 - APR 20

No­body is right all of the time. Nor, de­spite what we might like to think, are any of us al­ways wrong. And, some­times the most fruit­ful con­ver­sa­tions oc­cur in the most in­con­ve­nient and un­usual sit­u­a­tions. Imag­ine what hap­pens when some­one whose rep­u­ta­tion for mis­judg­ing things makes an un­likely pre­dic­tion and gets it right. Or the other way round. At such mo­ments, we need to fol­low our hearts. This week­end, after your ruler’s link to Venus, pay close at­ten­tion to what’s be­ing said… and fol­low yours. Want to know how things can work out well? Call 1900 959 005.

LEO JUL 24 - AUG 23

‘It’s bet­ter the devil you know’ is a lyric to a Kylie Minogue song. But what if the un­known devil’s not such a devil after all? When you’re cer­tain that your choice is be­tween two devils, the log­i­cal con­clu­sion is that you know both of them. Yet, when you’re only in pos­ses­sion of half the facts, how can you re­ally know what’s what? The week­end brings an op­por­tu­nity to es­cape from an in­grained habit. Al­though there’s no way to know which choice is right, you do know which is bad for you. That’s the one to avoid. Find out how the Cos­mos can help you this week. Call 1900 959 005.


Magic mir­rors are part of our cul­tural tra­di­tion. Though sto­ries about them have been told for hun­dreds of years, they haven’t lost their power to im­press… so much so that we all have magic mir­rors of our own. Just be­cause when you glance into yours, and se­cretly ask it ‘who’s the fairest of them all?’ you don’t hear a re­sponse, doesn’t mean there’s some­thing wrong with you. You’ve just got a faulty mir­ror! With your ruler in your sign, this is no time to doubt that, both in­side and out, you’re the fairest of them all. Get what you want, not what you don’t want. Call 1900 959 005.


Imag­ine if you had the mis­for­tune to live right in the mid­dle of the English coun­try­side, but that you ab­so­lutely de­tested the colour green. Each day, you’d look out of your win­dow and be face to face with some­thing you dis­liked. To change the sit­u­a­tion you’d ei­ther have to re­lo­cate to some­where hot­ter (or less ru­ral), or learn to like the colour. This week­end, fol­low­ing your ruler’s link with Mars, you have an op­por­tu­nity to learn to like some­thing (or some­one). It’s go­ing to be the eas­i­est way to pro­ceed. Re­gard­less of the prob­lem, there’s an an­swer. Call 1900 959 005.


High stan­dards. What’s the point in try­ing so hard to main­tain them when so few of the peo­ple in your life seem to ap­pre­ci­ate the ef­fort you’re mak­ing? Even those folk who recog­nise your en­deav­ours don’t seem to ad­here to the same bench­marks as you. Is it just that you care too much? Are you be­ing overly pre­cious? Or, is every­one else just be­ing idle? This week­end, fol­low­ing so much pos­i­tive cos­mic ac­tiv­ity, don’t be dis­tracted by triv­ial mat­ters. You’re about to be re­warded for do­ing your best. Do you want to know how things can work out well? Call 1900 959 005.


When Ca­role King sang, ‘You just call out my name, and you know wher­ever I am. I’ll come run­ning, to see you again’, she ex­pressed a feel­ing of love and friend­ship that we all as­pire to. There’s no doubt that you ap­pre­ci­ate your near­est and dear­est and that you go out of your way to be as sup­port­ive as you can. But, is there some­one in your world who will drop what they’re do­ing just to be with you? Yes there is. This week­end, fol­low­ing to­day’s Mars and Venus link, you’ll know that you’ve got a friend. Feel­ing fed up? Don’t be! To find out where hope lies, call 1900 959 005.


The world is full of forms that need to be filled out and boxes that must be checked. At this rate, when we get to the pearly white gates, we’ll be pro­vided with a pen and a paper, and have to com­plete a ques­tion­naire about our earthly ex­pe­ri­ence (with marks de­ducted for giv­ing what we con­sider to be the ‘right’ an­swers). You’re strug­gling to know what to say to an­swer some­one’s ques­tions and ful­fil their de­mands. What should you do? Sim­ply do your best. No one can ask for more. Get what you want, not what you don’t want. Call 1900 959 005.


Ir­re­spec­tive of what’s pre­oc­cu­py­ing you, you’ve got to be sen­si­ble and busi­ness-like to­day. Your emo­tions might be pow­er­ful, in­tense and al­most im­pos­si­ble to over­rule, but they mustn’t dic­tate your fi­nal de­ci­sion. Facts are facts. And they won’t be al­tered by di­a­logue or de­bate. As Venus and Mars link, it’s time to stop fret­ting and ap­ply your en­ergy in a more con­struc­tive way. If you as­sess the best course of ac­tion, you can put your ca­pa­ble ne­go­ti­at­ing pow­ers to very good use. Want to know how things can work out well? Call 1900 959 005.


Fash­ion is fa­mously fickle. If one per­son steps out in an out­ra­geous out­fit, the rest of us gasp in hor­ror. If an­other per­son fol­lows suit, they’re both con­sid­ered to be ec­cen­tric. Yet, if an idea grad­u­ally takes hold, be­fore you know it, every­one’s wear­ing it and those orig­i­nal buy­ers are seen as vi­sion­ar­ies. As a new mood or ex­pec­ta­tion comes into your con­scious­ness, you’re not obliged to wel­come it with open arms. But, if you al­low it some time to grow on you, you might find that it suits you very well. Find out how the Cos­mos can help you this week. Call 1900 959 005.


Peo­ple who ex­cel in the re­tail busi­ness have sev­eral valu­able tal­ents. Firstly, they in­tu­itively know what their clients most want to hear. Then they find a way of mak­ing their prod­uct fit their customers’ re­quire­ments. Al­though that means that they have ex­cel­lent per­sua­sive skills, it puts a nec­es­sary ques­tion­mark over the hon­esty of their level of em­pa­thy. This week­end, if you find your­self caught in a con­vinc­ing ar­gu­ment, try to take a step back and think about your own in­ter­ests too. Feel­ing fed up? Don’t be! To find out where hope lies, call 1900 959 005.


Even at the end of a very suc­cess­ful day we can some­times feel low and in­ef­fec­tive. On other days, we can be ex­hausted by hav­ing to dodge metaphor­i­cal bul­lets, yet still have en­ergy to spare. Some­times, the dis­par­ity in emo­tional well­be­ing is caused by psy­cho­log­i­cal or phys­i­o­log­i­cal changes, but it is also sub­ject to the ef­fects of the as­tro­log­i­cal cli­mate. To­day, as Venus links to Mars, it brings a re­minder of all that you have to be grate­ful for. Get ready to be blessed with a rea­son to smile. Re­gard­less of the prob­lem, there’s an an­swer. Call 1900 959 005.


Why can’t life be like it is in those feel-good movies we love to watch? Where are our grand quests and ex­cit­ing es­capades? Where are our fairy­tale mo­ments? They are there, of course. It’s just that they’re less fre­quent and less spell-bind­ingly in­tense than the screen ver­sion. But just be­cause your life is less dra­matic doesn’t mean that you’ve failed. There’s a vast gulf be­tween fact and fic­tion. You have some­thing to be deeply thank­ful for, to­day. Don’t be tempted to be­lit­tle it by draw­ing false com­par­isons. Do you want to know how things can work out well? Call 1900 959 005.

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